3 Nonprofits share how signNow’s eSignature solution has optimized their social impact

3 Nonprofits share how signNow’s eSignature solution has optimized their social impact

Watch out world! eSignature is helping these organizations streamline business processes so they can focus on changing the world.

Bot Girl here! I’ve seen so many socially positive stories recently, so I decided to double-click to see how signNow is helping nonprofit organizations make an impact. In my research, I was excited by the number of use cases I found. There are many organizations using signNow to help optimize their processes from fundraising to updating policies and even signing up to volunteer at their local church.

Today, I want to share three use cases with you to showcase signNow for Nonprofits.

Who’s ready? Let’s go!

Use Case #1: signNow streamlines fundraising

I got to chat with Emma who is in charge of donor relations at a women’s health clinic in Michigan. When planning for their annual fundraising event, Emma wanted to make giving as easy as possible for their donors and stakeholders. She was able to use signNow to streamline and automate the process for completing pledge and registration forms so that donors and stakeholders could sign and send their completed forms – even from their mobile device. She was also able to create and use reusable templates, brand her forms, and bulk send them for signature saving her time and hassle.

Before using signNow, I would have to create, print, and mail forms to donors individually. This took days for me to complete – not including the follow up required with incomplete forms. Now, with signNow, sending out forms for signature takes minutes! Instead of spending my time on paperwork, I get to spend more time building relationships with our donors.

As if that’s not enough

signNow made going digital a breeze as Emma was able to quickly get set up and easily send out forms. Going paperless has allowed them to save time and lower administrative costs with a more efficient and seamless process.

Use Case #2: signNow optimizes policy updates

Next, I want to share about a nonprofit organization that specializes in selling jewelry handmade by global artisans who have been rescued from poverty and human trafficking. I was so pleased to hear how signNow has helped this organization to streamline business processes so they can focus more on impact and less on paperwork. This organization values their artisans, partners, and board members, so when it came time to update their organization’s policies, they wanted to reach out to every stakeholder. With artisans and partners located around the world, they knew they needed to digitize and streamline their paperwork process – otherwise they would have spent valuable time and limited resources trying to send out and collect signatures.

Want to know the best part?

Our old policy update process was slow and hard to track. We pride ourselves in offering our services across the globe, so we needed a solution that had a global reach and was economical. signNow made it possible to streamline our paperwork across the globe. For example, many of our artisans don’t have computers or cell phones, but what’s great, is that our nonprofit directors based in these other countries are able to use signNow’s kiosk mode to collect signatures and go over paperwork, when needed.

I was happy to hear they were able to optimize their paperwork processes and in doing so, optimize their impact by saving them time and money.

Use Case #3: signNow delights volunteers with ease of use

Our final use case comes from Jessica, volunteer coordinator, at a large church. She coordinates hundreds of volunteers for the children’s ministry and manages all required paperwork like volunteer applications. The original process was manual and time consuming – it required volunteers to pick up an application at the church, fill it out, and then mail it or bring it back in. Then they had to wait for it to be reviewed and processed before being invited in for a short interview. Once accepted as a volunteer, there was additional paperwork to complete, so the process would start over.

Now, Jessica uses a reusable template to send out branded applications with a customized email with instructions. Volunteer applicants can now fill out and sign their paperwork completely digitally. Jessica can even assign signing roles and create a signing order for when an application requires multiple people’s signatures.

Best of all

“signNow has saved me so much time and headache! I used to dread coordinating special events like our summer camp when we’d need to recruit and onboard 100+ volunteers at once. But now, I can use saved templates and send all our forms at once which is awesome! Not to mention, our volunteers love the updated digital application process too. It’s seriously been a game changer for me!

Wrapping it up

By now you should know

With signNow for Nonprofit, organizations can:

  • lower administrative costs when they go paperless
  • streamline business processes and focus on impact
  • and delight their volunteers and donors with ease of use.

I’m passionate about digital transformation and seeing peoples’ lives happier when their document processes are running as efficiently as possible. I’m honored to have brought you these stories where our eSignature solution has made a difference.

Do you have a story of social good to share? We’d love to hear from you!

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