airSlate Academy graduates: how IT consultants master contract negotiation with the airSlate Academy

airSlate Academy graduates: how IT consultants master contract negotiation with the airSlate Academy

This story opens up a series of airSlate blog posts dedicated to airSlate Academy graduates and the learning experiences and enhanced professional prospects they got from taking its courses.

The airSlate Academy offers free online training and certification programs, designed and launched specifically for those who dare to become pioneers in no-code automation and citizen development. The in-demand skills you get at the airSlate Academy will help you open up your career opportunities and improve operations and workflows at your current workplace. #nocode #automation @airSlateAcademy Share on X

If you’re still unsure how relevant business automation is for the development of your career, read the stories we’ve collected based on interviews with recent Academy graduates. These graduates (IT consultants, early-career professionals, and SMB managers) have already applied the obtained knowledge in real-life business situations.

Watch the video below to find out the benefits of automating contract management with airSlate:

Student Profile:

Sonia Sidhu

Private consultant for ITWORX

Completed three courses with the airSlate Academy, including airSlate Fundamentals and Contract Management.

While at university, Sonia was studying Engineering and Telecommunications. Thus, she was able to obtain the knowledge and core skills necessary to become an IT consultant. However, she was still missing applied skills in business automation and workflow setup for contract negotiations specifically.

The inspiration to become an airSlate Academy student:

Sonia is now working for ITWORX. The company has been already considering airSlate for its contract negotiations process:

We did a POC with Anna [airSlate solution engineer] and we really liked what airSlate had to offer. So we decided to use it for contract negotiations, and then probably also expand to other automations.
The major reason why I got into the Academy is to understand in more detail how airSlate works overall and how to set up Flows in it,

Today, Sonia is confidently using airSlate on a daily basis, namely the airSlate Pre-fill Bot for contract negotiation setup. She plans to continue her studies at the airSlate Academy.

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For Sonia personally, the benefits achieved with airSlate Academy are twofold:

1. A deeper understanding of business workflow setup under her current contract:

The contract negotiation course was especially important to me. I thought I had to go through this process in a particular way, but the airSlate course showed me that I can actually do it differently. I got an alternative perspective on how I can solve the problem at hand. airSlate just gives you a different view on how to do business

2. More confidence in her own career and future consultancy prospects:

When you are trying to automate business workflows from scratch, you may find yourself in deep water.

Finishing the airSlate Academy made me much more comfortable in my work as a consultant. The airSlate Fundamentals course was especially helpful.

After months of having to work remotely in 2020, more and more people are now considering IT consultancy as a career path. If you are one of them, make sure you are familiar with the key buzzwords in the field:

At the airSlate Academy, you can easily master all three. Anywhere, any time, and at your own pace. Enroll now and start your automation journey!