airSlate for SharePoint: automate business workflows with no-code integration

airSlate for SharePoint: automate business workflows with no-code integration

We’ve released a new integration – airSlate for SharePoint! Let’s go over what that means for our current and future users?

What is airSlate for SharePoint?

SharePoint, a collaboration platform by Microsoft is a place where teams can communicate, exchange data, and collaborate. It’s a shared file repository, blog, web content management system, and an intranet. It can also serve as a CRM with its highly customizable Lists feature.

A SharePoint List is a table like Excel for storing contacts. Similarly to Excel, it contains rows and columns. Rows are for data and columns are for metadata.

With the airSlate for SharePoint integration, airSlate users are empowered with the ability to access data in these Lists for creating and updating documents and exporting signed documents from airSlate to the appropriate records in the list.

SharePoint users are now able to take advantage of powerful business process automation for streamlining their document workflows (pushing and pulling data).

Get started with the integration by clicking the button in your SharePoint account.

What does the airSlate for SharePoint integration mean for better document management?

Configure a more streamlined SharePoint workflow:

  1. Create custom workflows featuring document generation, web forms, eSignature, contract negotiation, and more.
  2. Generate agreements, contracts, surveys, forms, and more with data from SharePoint lists and send them out for negotiation or signature.
  3. Use multiple airSlate Bots for creating and updating SharePoint records with data collected via PDF and web forms or other sources like MS Dynamics 365, Salesforce, NetSuite, Google Sheets, MySQL, etc.

What are the key features and benefits of the airSlate for SharePoint integration?

Do more by:

  • generating actionable documents pre-filled with SharePoint list data
  • routing documents between CRM contacts and internal and external recipients
  • creating new records based on data entered into a document’s fillable fields
  • updating existing records based on data entered into a document’s fillable fields
  • saving documents to SharePoint list attachments or external storages
  • sending batches of documents with a single click of a button

Note: as a SharePoint user, you’ll have to register an airSlate account before you can use its features and functionality.

Ready to see airSlate in action?

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