airSlate mobile applications: learn how to automate business workflows no matter where you are

airSlate mobile applications: learn how to automate business workflows no matter where you are

The modern business landscape is changing fast. Today, going mobile is becoming less like a choice, and more like a requirement. 40% of online transactions today are done using a mobile device, and 62% of users access the internet using their mobile phones. Due to the pandemic, phone usage has spiked as a response. This rise usage relates to mobile applications traffic, texting, and calling.

airSlate, the first and only holistic no-code business automation platform, has recently launched its mobile apps for Android and iOS. From this moment on, all our users can access airSlate features such as e-signing, no-code robotic process automation, contract negotiation, document generation, and web forms, right from their mobile devices.

Let’s dive a bit deeper into the details.

Is it possible to manage a business with just a smartphone? And what are mobile applications capable of automating?

Mobile phones are real business saviors when it comes to solving internal company bottlenecks, widening sales funnels, and creating channels for brand awareness.

A lot of time is wasted on employees commuting to their offices every day. Not to mention an overwhelming number of routine tasks that can be automated by installing an application on your mobile which is always with you.

Here are a few real business cases that can greatly benefit from mobile automation:

1. Customer service

Registration, payments, feedback, delivery, inventory management, and other processes can all be streamlined with a mobile application. For example, with the help of a mobile app, businesses can automatically categorize and arrange lists, send notifications, and allocate important payment data to appropriate slots.

For a restaurant, a mobile application can automate sales, ease the delivery process, and provide customers with a self-serve portal. Restaurant staff also can immediately receive order details while clients can take advantage of benefits such as tracking the geo-location of their active orders.

2. Administration

Apps can act as an excellent supplement to any existing software by adding mobility and uninterrupted access to administrative resources. Apps can be linked with the main database of a business and apply updates to it, either with the push of a button or automatically, keeping everything moving at high efficiency.

Let’s take the healthcare industry as an example. An app can schedule and organize meetings for patients and doctors while providing alternative communication platforms for them. In these cases, a mobile application eliminates patient waiting along with unnecessary appointments (especially critical during a pandemic).

3. Inventory management

In some lines of work, on-site mobility for staff is key. An inventory app helps keep records of stock in order, organize shipping, restocking, and schedules, and prioritizes staff communication. Overall, it can increase the competitiveness of a company.

When managing a large store with many orders and a large number of items in your inventory, a mobile app can help track inventory numbers and automate the restocking process. It can also help to organize existing stock and billing processes.

What do airSlate mobile applications have to offer?

Mobile applications automate without restricting staff mobility. They are accessible from any point, making them highly adaptable automation tools that cover a wider range of processes in a business.

So, besides quick and simple tools for document management and communication with business partners and employees, what do you get from using airSlate mobile applications?

Key features of airSlate mobile apps include:

  • Editing, filling and eSigning documents digitally
  • Sharing workflows via a link or email
  • Changing workflow access from team to private and vice versa
  • Reviewing and collaborating on workflows
  • Inviting an unlimited number of teammates
  • Tracking every workflow action in the audit trail
  • Getting quick responses to any questions from online support

As you can see, airSlate mobile apps allow you to manage your business using a single smartphone. Whether you are on the go or just can’t access your desktop – our applications for Android and iOS allow you to stay in touch with your colleagues and partners, negotiate contracts, send documents for signing, and e-sign them wherever and whenever is needed.

In conclusion

airSlate is the first and only holistic no-code business automation platform. airSlate combines eSigning, no-code robotic process automation, contract negotiation, document generation and web forms into a single business automation platform.

And we are happy to deliver the same advanced features and benefits when using airSlate on your smartphone. Don’t miss the right chance to negotiate a contract just because you don’t have access to your computer. Go mobile, go smart, go airSlate!