airSlate & OMI partnership: Saving up to 25 working hours per week with digitized workflows

airSlate & OMI partnership: Saving up to 25 working hours per week with digitized workflows

OMI (Outsource Management Inc.) is a go-to resource that helps primarily (but not exclusively) mid-sized companies implement and integrate various SaaS solutions into their business workflows. 

Key areas of expertise: CRM systems, marketing automation, account-based marketing, sales process automation, the list goes on. With over 20 years of experience on the SaaS market, OMI provides consulting for businesses looking to make the most of their Salesforce stack, Dynamics 365 stack, and now airSlate.

OMI’s story stands out as an example worth emphasizing because their team not only consults with other people on how to implement airSlate — they are using airSlate in their internal processes. And who is a better software consultant than an experienced user?

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Interviewee’s name

Paul Sciandra
Paul Sciandra
COO & Head of Professional Services Practices at OMI
Alpharetta, GA

How OMI uses airSlate internally

Before their introduction to airSlate from a partner, OMI used to have two different systems for their master service agreements. Thus, opportunities and quotes needed to be transferred manually before they could become sales orders. airSlate helped with consolidating several of these smaller processes into a single workflow. The time-saving effect from this consolidation was notable almost immediately:

“airSlate saves our Sales team a tremendous amount of time and allows us to assign resources a lot quicker. Thus, our customers get engaged a lot quicker, and we can get everything started much sooner these days.”

Paul Sciandra, COO & Head of Professional Services Practices at OMI

Once contract negotiation & redlining was integrated via airSlate with OMI’s sales workflow in Salesforce, the number of manual iterations was quickly brought to a minimum. Paul describes it as “turning into the click of a button.”

Helping other businesses get the most of airSlate and signNow

OMI came to know about airSlate, as a standalone product and a vendor of signNow, about a year ago. Almost immediately, they realized that airSlate was the perfect match for what they were already doing, primarily due to the accumulated experience with the custom applications of Salesforce, Dynamics, and some other software systems.

Today, OMI is implementing airSlate for:

  • companies that are already using Salesforce or Dynamics 365,
  • companies that were introduced to airSlate independently but are lacking resources to implement it by themselves,
  • organizations interested in customizing signNow API solutions (integrating eSignature functionality into their existing business flows).

As Paul describes it: “The breakdown between current airSlate users and those who come as Salesforce users is close to 50/50. Some customers also come through our joint partnerships, such as AppDirect or AppSmart.”

OMI’s selected use cases

Paul has a wide range of success stories from businesses of all sizes and industries in his portfolio. Below are a few of OMI’s selected use cases:

1. A non-profit organization saving up to 25 hours each week

“They purchased airSlate, and then came to us for implementation. At that point, they didn’t have Salesforce or any other CRM. They only had Dropbox, and they were an actively hiring organization, sending around 20 documents to each applicant! With our help, this whole process is now organized in airSlate, and manual work is almost entirely eliminated. They quoted 20 to 25 hours of work saved per week.

“Legal work comes with a significant amount of documents that need review, approval, signatures, and so on. For them, we did exactly what we do internally with our sales processes and Salesforce. With the click of a button, you pre-fill the document, send it out, perform the negotiations, and get all the changes accepted. Then everything gets signed and attached to your records. Any document can change its status and move inside and outside the organization without any manual handling involved.”  

3. Customers migrating from DocuSign to airSlate

Today’s SaaS market is already quite dense. The competition is fierce as business customers feel at liberty to switch to an alternative whenever they are not satisfied with the pricing model and/or the functionalities offered:

“We see a lot of customers migrating to airSlate from DocuSign. airSlate seems to be a bit more powerful than DocuSign. DocuSign has been embedded in Salesforce for a while already but lacks some sophistication in areas that are now of interest to our customers. This includes things like integrated business processes and automated workflows. And this is why airSlate is way better suited than DocuSign.”

Paul Sciandra, COO & Head of Professional Services Practices at OMI

4. Established enterprises finally transitioning from manual quoting

Large businesses are known to be rather slow-moving and inflexible when it comes to strategic decision-making, especially where changing software is concerned. OMI is making digital transformation a smooth experience for large organizations:

“Some large organizations still perform quoting manually. We focus on bringing their opportunity management and their quoting process into Salesforce, then airSlate processes are tacked on top. The whole process becomes seamless,” this is how Paul describes OMI’s solution.

Why should businesses embark on a digital transformation journey?

When concluding our interview, we asked Paul a question we felt was most applicable to digital transformation and workflow automation moving into 2022:

“If the lockdowns did not make businesses go digital before, why and how should they start digitizing now?”

Paul’s answer is certainly something to reflect on:

“For whatever reason, there are still quite a lot of businesses that did not manage to automate and optimize during the COVID lockdown. Most probably, they do not realize the tremendous time-saving effect from it. And not only internally but also for customers and other stakeholders. I would recommend starting small. Many people try to bite off too much from this automation pie. Start small, with one or two key processes. Continuous improvement is great. With time, process automation will surely expand to every core business process of an organization.” 

Paul Sciandra, COO & Head of Professional Services Practices at OMI

OMI used airSlate powered by AWS

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OMI saves up to 25 working hours per week with airSlate's digitized workflows.
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