Competitive analysis of no-code solutions from airSlate Academy graduates

Competitive analysis of no-code solutions from airSlate Academy graduates
Student Profile:

TJ Ramadoss and Amrith D

Located in Melbourne, Australia

TJ has a Master’s degree and 18+ years of experience working in the Information Technology sector specializing in Product management and Solutions design.

Amrith has a Bachelor of Engineering with 18 years of experience in Information technology and Project management.

In 2020, they founded a two-person consulting company. To date, they are at the stage of conceptualization and are now actively considering all the newest quick-to-market tools for their future portfolio.

Combined, TJ and Amrith have completed 11 courses at the airSlate Academy.

The inspiration to become airSlate Academy students:

We had been looking over nearly all of the no-code options currently available on the market, this led us to airSlate with its impressive performance in automation. We did some analysis in terms of potential value provided and our conclusion was that airSlate is a good choice for the consulting environment. Besides, we were analyzing which of today’s tools are the quickest to market. Obviously, airSlate is one of them. These were the major reasons why we signed up for certification with the airSlate Academy.

With our expertise in Technology Consulting, Development, Service Delivery, Product and Project Management, we were already familiar with both low-code and fully-coded solutions across various industries. The growth in lightweight no-code solutions in 2020, has paved the way for customers to leverage these technologies for fuelling future growth, cost optimisation with scalability.Thus, this mix enabled us to see growth opportunities in the no-code consulting space.

After getting their certificates of completion at the airSlate Academy, TJ and Amrith agreed to a short virtual interview about airSlate.

In the course of this interview, they very openly spoke about their competitive analysis of the 2020 no-code solutions market.

Why does airSlate outshine the competition? From the experienced IT professionals, in their own words:

  • Nintex, K2, and a few others, in our observations, need some sort of technology intervention. With them, we can provide an initial technological consultation. But later on, in three or six months down the line, the organization would still need someone to help them out. At the same time, airSlate allows businesses and other organizations to manage their own solution as they progress and develop”, said TJ.
  • “We were also considering Kissflow and a couple of other similar solutions”. TJ notes, “These are the so-called “forms-first, automation next”. They do really cool forms but their workflow at the backend level is rather limited.”
  • “There is also Microsoft, now playing with its Power Apps. This is brand new and very interesting but when we actually compare their solution with what Bots in airSlate do — there is a big gap between them, in terms of both functionality and especially in terms of cost and real value delivered.” Amrith concludes, “When it comes to choosing one of the larger licensed players, it is always the factor of cost, no matter what you are trying to automate.”

Both TJ and Amrith are now looking forward to joining the ranks of official airSlate Partners.

All airSlate Academy students who have completed courses are also eligible to apply for participation in the airSlate Partnership Program. In this program, participants get access to resources that will help them boost their existing IT consulting and/or reseller businesses.

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