Digital transformation in government: go paperless and focus on public service

Digital transformation in government: go paperless and focus on public service

Deliver efficient, secure, & positive experiences to your citizens!

Industries and businesses around the world are digitally transforming the way they work and do business. So it comes as no surprise that government agencies are also going digital to improve their processes and bring value to their citizens.

With signNow’s eSignature solution, government agencies can enhance efficiency and deliver secure services anywhere, anytime.

It’s true!

Imagine you can collaborate on paperwork and document processes, protect sensitive data while minimizing risk, and delight citizens with paperless, digital processes.

The good news is government agencies are doing this (and more) with signNow!

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Let’s look at a few examples of how signNow equips government agencies with the tools they need to focus on public service rather than paperwork.

The 21st century integrated digital experience act

Do you remember the 21st Century IDEA that aims to make digital services better and more accessible? This law provides deadlines for federal agencies to provide eSignature and digital options for all forms as well as modern and mobile-friendly government websites.

Think about it –

How often does paperwork disrupt or slow down your workflows?

Paper-based documents are costly, time consuming, inconvenient, and risky. From employee onboarding and offboarding processes, to loan and grant document management, to legal and compliance forms, to court summons, and more! signNow can streamline and digitize your document processes for a secure, efficient, and positive experience that saves you time and money.

COVID-19 testing

The pandemic has greatly impacted government workflows, as in-person meetings are limited or canceled, and more employees are working from home than ever before. This change has government agencies reevaluating how they operate and deliver services to the public since paper significantly hinders agencies from efficiently collaborating and meeting the needs of their citizens. With signNow for Government, you can automate document processes and collect legally-binding signatures – on-site and remotely.

Simply put –

This could look like remotely gathering declarations of self-quarantine signed by those with confirmed COVID-19 cases. Read more about how the Southern Nevada Health District safely and quickly accomplished this undertaking.

With new COVID-19 testing requirements for international travel, this could look like a completely digital paperwork process. For example, a traveler could have the required forms available on their mobile device for airport personnel or authorized staff could collect in-person eSignatures using signNow’s Kiosk Mode.

By now you’ve seen how signNow empowers government agencies to:

  • Boost team productivity and serve more people
  • Increase customer satisfaction and reduce document errors
  • Keep data safe and secure with global compliance standards

Let signNow help you on your digital transformation journey, so you can work faster and better serve your citizens while saving time and money.

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