How eSignatures and digital healthcare processes make patients happier and improve medical clinic efficiency

How eSignatures and digital healthcare processes make patients happier and improve medical clinic efficiency

Bot Girl looks at two healthcare use cases to demonstrate how signNow streamlines processes and digitizes paperwork to save time, resources, and hassle.

Today we’re going behind the scenes at your friendly neighborhood healthcare clinic to take a closer look at the lifecycle of a healthcare form. I’m so excited to show you how signNow can improve the healthcare experience, save time, and increase patient satisfaction.

Think about it:

We all know healthcare management can be complex. Days are filled with the constant shift between patient forms, physician credentialing, and meeting compliance regulations – all while being expected to provide exceptional patient care.

Wouldn’t you rather focus on patient care instead of paperwork?

signNow empowers you to simplify the signing and management of documents online, make your teams more productive, easily integrate with the apps you use and love, and keep your data safe with industry-leading security and compliance standards.

It’s true.

Let’s take your typical patient healthcare form – you know, the one you fill out on every trip to the doctor’s office where you write your name and address five times? Yes, that’s the one.

Now, imagine this:

What if you didn’t have to arrive at your appointment early, get the clipboard from the front desk, fill out the multi-paged form, and then wait while they scan and upload your paperwork and make a copy of your insurance card (again)? What if you could quickly and easily fill out a form online and automatically send it back to your doctor’s office in minutes (all from the comfort of your home, car, or office)?

And if that sounds good, we’re just getting started.

How does it work in signNow?

Otis, the healthcare manager at your local doctor’s office, is digitizing new patient forms. With signNow, he’s able to drag and drop fillable fields such as name, address, phone number, signature, and date. Now that this form is ready for new patients to fill out and sign, he can send it directly to one new patient before their upcoming appointment or he can bulk send it to many patients. For example, let’s say Otis needs all existing patients to fill out new paperwork after some policy updates. In just minutes, he’s able to create a reusable template and send it out via email or a signing link.
Whenever a new patient receives this form in their email, they simply open the link and can quickly and easily begin filling it out from wherever they are – whether they’re in the office, on a desktop computer, or out running errands from their mobile device. Signers don’t even have to sign up for a signNow account to sign.
signNow’s detailed Audit Trail allows Otis to track the progress of documents, keeping him the loops whenever a patient receives a document as well as when they’ve completed it. With signNow’s document workflow, entire forms are now automatically stored wherever they’re needed – back to Otis at the front desk or straight to the doctor’s digital medical files.
With signNow, Otis can also digitize his billing and verification processes. Insurance company verification holding times can take up to 30 minutes per patient. signNow allows you to get patient claims processed and billed electronically in half the time while staying compliant.
Simply put, signNow helps healthcare providers deliver a better patient experience.

Now, whenever a patient arrives for their appointment, no more paperwork is necessary, which saves time and paper (and a whole lot of hassle).

By streamlining the registration process and maximizing staff efficiency by seamlessly capturing and managing patient data electronically, patient waiting times are significantly reduced. In fact, organizations are reporting an average savings of 40 hours per month by handling their signature workflows electronically and removing the need to print, scan, email, or fax.

But wait – What if you have a document that requires multiple signing roles, like physician credentialing?

Let’s say Doctor Lerner is applying to practice at a hospital downtown. She’ll complete an application, fill out a background check, and then a credentialing specialist will verify her professional records. Once Doctor Lerner completes her application, that document will be automatically sent to HR for signing off while her background check is automatically sent to the state’s department of health. The forms verifying her professional records will be sent to the administration board for approval.

Here’s more good news

Otis and Doctor Lerner (and their patients) can be confident that signNow protects the security of their sensitive medical data with HIPAA compliance, dual authentication, and government agency level encryption.

By now, I think we can all see how signNow helps healthcare providers easily send, sign, and store documents containing sensitive medical information safely and securely, which saves time, resources, and creates an all-around better experience for patients.

And here’s what I love most –  With signNow, you can focus on patient care, not paperwork.

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