How eSignatures help people save time & increase productivity while working remotely

How eSignatures help people save time & increase productivity while working remotely

As more and more people around the world navigate remote work, I wanted to jump in and highlight how a few different business departments are making the transition to a digital workspace – and are totally nailing it!

(Insert fist bump from me to you.)

From eSignature solutions and document automation to using digital forms for sending and signing documents, companies are maintaining momentum and providing a great team and customer experience in the process.

Sound too good to be true?

The more I work from home, the more, eSignatures help me save time and keep moving forward, and I know I’m not the only one. So, I did a little investigation into how people are using signNow and wanted to share how it can help you as well.

Whether you’re moving your entire operation online or just streamlining your business processes, signNow can help.

Future of work

How human resources are leveraging signNow for remote work

HR departments are sending out more forms containing updated policies, especially during these times as more people are working from home. Instead of having to download, print, sign, and send or mail forms, wouldn’t it be nice to transform your HR processes to save time and hassle? With signNow, Jenn, an HR Director, has been able to send and sign NDAs, offer letters, employment contracts, and other HR forms anytime she needs to, from anywhere.

Yep, that’s right!

Jenn streamlined onboarding and compliance by digitalizing her company’s HR process with signNow. This made it quick and easy for her to collect signatures, automate, and accelerate the entire employee hire-to-retire lifecycle so she could focus on people, not paperwork.

Sales teams are closing deals faster with signNow

As the world of sales becomes more digital, it’s as important as ever to work at the speed of now. Set up your sales team for success with a time-saving solution that can help your team be more efficient and speed up the sales cycle.


Eric’s company recently implemented signNow which has helped their sales team be more productive and close deals even faster while working remotely. They are able to quickly and easily send NDAs, pricing quotes, and prepopulated contracts, all from inside their existing CRM with a signNow integration.

As Eric says,

It doesn’t matter where I’m working, I can be more productive and earn my customers’ trust with signNow, even when I’m on the go.

Procurement specialists boost remote work productivity with signNow

We know you want to have more time for focusing on key initiatives and strategic partnerships, but are often bombarded with repetitive, time-consuming tasks that eat up every spare second you have.

Now there’s good news!

With signNow, MaryEllen saw a boost in her organization’s productivity with time-saving features that helped streamline their business processes while offering a great experience for both employees and customers.

MaryEllen shared,

Like many other signNow users, we save nearly 40 hours per month by handling our signature workflows electronically and removing the need to print, scan, email, and fax. Not to mention, it makes working with our vendors and tracking progress a breeze!

Legal teams maintain consistency and accuracy with signNow

We know how important security and managing risk is to legal departments. With signNow, you can customize templates and send them out to collect data and signatures. signNow’s automated guidance makes e-signing easy, even for inexperienced users, and reduces the chance of fields going missed or signatures getting skipped.

Just ask Lincoln, who represents a tech company’s legal department – Lincoln says,

Even in the midst of updating or creating a new contract, I can easily send and sign, as well as negotiate all through signNow. This is the perfect tool for a company’s legal team – or anyone looking to save time while minimizing errors!

IT companies rev up with secure and reliable signNow

IT companies are often the ones leading the way into the digital space, so it comes as no surprise that IT teams are rocking the digital workspace. We know IT teams need accurate and timely data, as well as reliable processes.

Andy, an engineer at a software company says,

I love how we can bulk send and track document progress in real-time with the detailed audit trail. I have peace of mind knowing signNow keeps our data secure with advanced threat protection and industry-leading compliance.
With e-signature solutions and document automation, proceed with confidence as you adhere to industry-specific security requirements that actively work to keep your data safe and secure.


It’s great to better understand how people are using signNow during this period of remote work. I also found out that you can try signNow today with a free trial.

Just go HERE and find out for yourself how signNow can help you save time and boost your efficiency.

Cheers to productivity and connection – even from afar.

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