Interview with Jason Frame with the Southern Nevada Health District

Interview with Jason Frame with the Southern Nevada Health District

Interview with Jason Frame with the Southern Nevada Health District

It’s no surprise that COVID-19 has disrupted daily life for people around the world. And the great state of Nevada is no exception. When faced with the challenge of having to get declarations of self-quarantine signed by those with confirmed cases of COVID-19, signNow was the solution of choice.

I had the privilege of sitting down with Jason Frame, Chief Information Officer of the Southern Nevada Health District, to learn more about their experience with signNow’s e-signature and document storage automation.

Let’s hear how the Southern Nevada Health District got their #ProblemSolvedWithSignNow!

Jason, we know the state of Nevada was looking at having to send people out to collect signatures for declarations of self-quarantine in light of COVID-19 and that with signNow, you were able to collect those signature forms electronically. What was the general feeling when facing that challenge?

When we first heard of this undertaking, we had no idea how we were going to accomplish this while keeping everyone safe. Just thinking about getting out there and trying to get people to sign these declarations one at a time and then having them send the forms back to us was overwhelming.

We had never used an electronic signature solution before as a district, so I started looking for an option for how we could get these signatures remotely. I contacted a few different providers to discuss options, but my top priority was that we ensure HIPAA compliance. Many of the other vendors either couldn’t provide that compliance and the ones who could were very expensive.

What was your team’s experience deploying signNow?

It was seamless and intuitive for all of our employees to adopt quickly. In less than 20 minutes we were able to add our users, set up our form with the fillable data fields, save and share it as a reusable template, and get all of our questions answered.

How are employees feeling about using signNow, specifically user satisfaction?

Our employees have been really happy because signNow helped them stay on top of this unexpected crisis with an easy-to-use interface, allowing them to continue to focus on their daily work. Better yet, it’s hands-off for them. We send out the link, the patient fills out the form, then it comes into signNow and is automatically downloaded into our Microsoft OneDrive.

Our team doesn’t have to do anything to get the document back or track down signatures. They love that it’s a seamless solution and they don’t have to put themselves at risk to obtain a signature.

And I like the integration with OneDrive, which makes it nice and easy for us to get data back. I’m able to go into signNow and quickly see how many signatures we have by month, share those stats with our leadership team, and even pass them along to the governor. We can even share stats by the week or by the day if we need to, which is great.

We love hearing that! Do you have a feel for how much time your employees have saved with signNow?

This is a brand-new thing for us, so it’s hard to say exactly how much time it has saved us. I was just in our signNow account earlier today to check some numbers. In March, we had 230+ forms that were signed, for the month of April, we had 918 forms signed, and so far in May, we’ve had about 360. That’s a lot of signatures and forms coming back to us without having to manually go out to get them or track them down.

I look at the amount of time signNow has saved us, and even though it’s hard to measure, I know it’s up in the hundreds of hours!

I’m curious, has signNow solved any other problems (not related to COVID-19) or helped improve efficiency in other areas?

After we saw how well signNow worked and how easy the solution was to use, we began expanding our use with it to our contract team. We see the value in signNow, and in the future, we will be looking to add more departments.

I like the fact you have the API, which helps us to easily collect data and get forms back automatically. There’s a lot of workflows we can automate which removes the mundane or repetitive steps that employees have to deal with. Our team really loves this ability to let technology do the work for them.

Absolutely! That’s why we’re very excited about seeing how signNow can help people do exactly that – save time and hassle.

I’m excited about being able to bring us a few more steps into the future by digitally transforming our processes. We’re very appreciative of all the work signNow has done for us.

Jason, thank you so much for the amazing work you and your team are doing, and thank you for trusting signNow to help!

Well, there you have it, friends. This is why I love my job. At signNow, we are always excited to see how e-signatures and document automation can make people’s lives easier and happier.

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