How Rock The Street, Wall Street female finance school uses airSlate to enroll more students

How a female finance school uses airSlate to enroll more students

With airSlate workflow automation, Rock The Street, Wall Street can help more high school girls kick off a career in finance. airSlate’s no-code integration with Salesforce allowed forms to be sent in batches and instantly archived the moment students submitted completed forms for enrollment.

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Rock The Street, Wall Street is a financial literacy program designed to spark an interest in high school girls about finance. Their programs inspire, educate, and give girls the skills needed to be successful financially throughout their lives and possibly pursue career opportunities in finance.

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Nashville, TN

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Since it opened in 2013, Rock The Street, Wall Street has been inspiring and giving girls the skills needed not only to be financially successful in their personal lives but also help them pursue careers in finance-related industries.


For a long time Rock The Street, Wall Street was using PDFfiller’s DaDaDocs for Salesforce to generate and fill documents. However, collaborating on documents and sending out forms was still taking too long as the established process was one form to one student. RTSWS needed a solution that could help them get forms in the hands of multiple students quickly. “Having to send forms individually took a very long time,” recalls Ashley Leftwich, RTSWS Partner Engagement Manager.

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Enter airSlate batch templates

airSlate’s no-code integration with Salesforce has made it much easier for Ashley and her team,

We probably have about 1,200 students or adult volunteers who’ve filled out our airSlate forms. Two of us at RTSWS are currently using airSlate on a daily basis for our programs,

With the ability to send forms in batches, directly through Salesforce using airSlate functionality, RTSWS was able to reclaim countless hours from their workflow.

Enhanced workflows, happier students

Rock The Street Wall Street was having a hard time collecting completed forms from students in a timely manner. After switching to airSlate, not only was RTSWS able to meet the demands of students, but their entire office began to feel the benefits.

Along with making us more efficient and saving us an incredible amount of time, airSlate was easy to set up, and its templates are already set in a way that is more simple to use,

airSlate for Salesforce allows Leftwich and her team to help more students while providing a happier experience for girls looking to expand their financial skills and career opportunities at Rock The Street Wall Street.

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