Free webinar | Healthcare workflow automation: Patient-centered approach

Register for a free webinar | December 9: Healthcare workflow automation: patient-oriented approach

The airSlate Academy is happy to announce its upcoming FREE webinar dedicated toHealthcare workflow automation: patient-centered approach. 

The webinar is scheduled for December 9, 2021, at 12:00 PM (EST), presented by airSlate’s automation experts Colin Teubner, Director, Customer Solutions, and Christian Parkourana, Senior Solutions Architect.

Healthcare workflow automation: Patient-centered approach

Healthcare automation helps medical institutions, doctors, and healthcare staff deal with the redundant, bureaucratic processes they face on a daily basis. Find out how to streamline your healthcare workflows by eliminating paperwork and manual labor. Dedicate more time to patients instead of documents.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How automation enhances medical services while remaining HIPAA-compliant
  • Tips for evaluating the workflow automation needs of your medical organization
  • How to automate the most typical healthcare workflows with airSlate

The webinar’s agenda will cover the following aspects of healthcare automation:

  1. Healthcare workflow automation: what it is
  2. How to assess the workflow automation needs of your medical organization
  3. How to maintain regulatory compliance and data security when automating healthcare workflows
  4. Automated medical workflow in action — Live Demo 
  5. Q&A session
Colin Teubner
Director, Customer Solutions

Colin leads the sales engineering team at airSlate, providing prospects and customers with expert support to ensure every airSlate flow runs smoothly.

Christian Parkourana
Senior Solutions Architect

Christian is always happy to help airSlate’s customers automate their workflows and focus on the real issues they are working to solve.