Learn automation with the airSlate Academy and make yourself future-proof

Learn automation with the airSlate Academy and make yourself future-proof

We’re proud to introduce the airSlate Academy – an educational portal for those looking to learn automation, start a new career, demonstrate career growth, or implement a new high-tech solution in their workplace.

The airSlate Academy teaches students everything they need to know about the emerging industry of digital transformation and gives them a real chance at becoming a pioneer in workflow automation.

Why learning automation puts you a step ahead of innovation

Automation completely changes the way businesses operate. It introduces impactful innovations across a variety of industries by offering solutions that increase speed, accuracy, and efficiency.

What is especially significant is that automation is the future of work. Yes, we are not mistaken. Although ‘robots’ will phase out many jobs, they will create even more. And by acquiring skills in new technologies – you win the game by making yourself future-proof.

AI Will Create 2.3 Million Jobs in 2020, While Eliminating 1.8 Million

Even if you don’t trust this prediction, experts completely agree on one significant point – automation will transform all jobs. Preparing you for these changes is our highest priority. You don’t want to miss out on the chance of arriving early to an emerging trend. That’s why right now is the time to learn automation and ride this new wave that’s completely changing the labor market and working processes.

At the airSlate Academy, we educate our new customers (as well as anyone who wants to understand) on not only WHAT workflow automation is, but also HOW it all applies to your business. And of course, we want to help you to get to know airSlate better so you get the most value from it.

Upgrade your career

Start learning workflow automation today for free

What do you get from learning automation with the airSlate Academy?

Learn how to build efficient working processes and design workflow automation of any complexity. You will understand workflow analytics that can help you evaluate the efficiency of your current workflows and ones that you’ve recently automated. And what’s more – you will get hands-on experience with a cutting edge, no-code automation solution – airSlate.

Mastering workflow automation enhances your career and business development:

  • We prioritize mastering your in-demand career skills as a top priority. These days, whenever a new employee is hired, they should possess a specific knowledge base of digital skills. The airSlate Academy gives you that real knowledge that is able to accelerate careers in business. And with it, you can literally set yourself up for a new profession.
  • airSlate Academy learning will help you grow your business. You will learn how to apply the right process automation strategy to your company’s workflows, calculate ROI, and how to deploy solutions inside your organization. Don’t be afraid of generalizations, we place a high emphasis on attention to detail in order to help you understand the difference between digital solutions for different organizations, and ways to implement changes.
  • What’s more – you will accelerate your career. Even if you’re afraid of drastic changes and don’t plan on changing your work – with the help of the airSlate Academy, you can strengthen your professional position. You get a chance to join professionals spanning the HR, finance, medical and insurance industries, who’ve grown their careers by getting certified with the airSlate Academy.

airSlate’s Certification Programs include several Courses to complete. Once you’ve finished them, you will be certified and ready to reach new career goals. In addition, you can choose to finish any Course you need separately. In this case, you get a single course certificate to display on your LinkedIn profile.

Learn automation certificate

And finally, you become an indispensable part of our team! Yes, we’re referring to the airSlate Partnership Program.

Students that complete the airSlate Certification Program are welcome to become airSlate partners. If you’re an industry specialist, IT consultant or individual developer, becoming an airSlate partner connects you to a highly profitable market of industry-leading customers. Doing so can jump-start careers in developer automation consulting, as well as business analysis.

Get to know airSlate

Automation is unavoidable. And we’re here to help you overcome your fear of it, by learning automation and implementing it in the most effective way possible.

After finishing airSlate’s courses, you will be able to analyze the effectiveness of existing workflows, identify their bottlenecks, create an automation plan, and implement it based on a real solution (available to both you and the companies you work for). And all this is absolutely free!

Choose the course that fits your professional interests and get the most out of this advanced technology. Are you ready?