Automating customer support operations with Oleh from airSlate

Automating customer support operations with Oleh from airSlate

Oleh joined airSlate as a customer support specialist five years ago. For the first two years at the company, he worked in pdfFiller support. After that, he moved to signNow, where he was engaged in corporate billing for signNow and airSlate. In 2020, six months after airSlate was launched, Oleh fully transitioned to the airSlate support department, where he advanced to be a senior-level specialist.

“I was planning to learn more technical skills, and airSlate seemed to be the coolest project since it was an ambitious product spearheading the automation revolution,” Oleh recalls. 

After airSlate’s launch, the Customer Support Team aimed to transfer its internal processes to the platform. airSlate has helped Support maintain different kinds of records by making them easily accessible for everyday use and reporting purposes.

“airSlate is a dynamic tool constantly expanding its capabilities, thus motivating users to acquire new skills.”

Oleh Pidfihurnyi,
airSlate customer support specialist

How the Support Team uses airSlate

The Customer Support Team’s most popular airSlate Flow is used for data-keeping and reporting on demo meetings with customers. “During the demo meetings, we show customers how to use airSlate, where to find onboarding materials to start building Flows, and integrate the product into their business ecosystems,” Oleh explains. 

After Support specialists fill out a form, automatic updates are posted in the company’s Slack channel, synced with the data-keeping and reporting Flow. Any airSlate employee can find information about a specific customer use case in a dedicated channel and download it as a PDF file. The information gathered during demo meetings allows airSlate’s project owners, developers, and marketers to learn more about customers and what they want to achieve with automation. 

The Support Team also uses legal Flows and Flows for escalation in cases when they need to transfer a customer to the Sales Team. This usually happens when a customer is interested in purchasing a large volume of licenses or needs a tailored offer to suit their needs. “We have designed a Flow where we put together all the necessary information about a customer,” says Oleh. “The Flow transfers the information to the Sales team and automatically archives all the data so anyone can easily find it later.”

Becoming a citizen developer with airSlate

People with little to no technical background want to know if airSlate is easy to use.  “Mastering airSlate is not difficult. We tell everyone who comes to us and expresses a desire to become a citizen developer that it is possible! You don’t need to spend several years doing it, but it will take you longer than a week,” says Oleh. 

Oleh believes that it takes several months to become an expert in airSlate automation, due to the comprehensive nature of the platform. To understand the principles of how airSlate Bots operate and how to make disparate building blocks work together, you have to spend some time practicing creating a Flow.

“airSlate automation is like Legos, and Bots are like building blocks.”

Oleh Pidfihurnyi,
airSlate customer support specialist

“All the pieces are there, assembled, and each piece performs one or more simple functions,” says Oleh. “The trick is to find the one you need and to learn what it does. Then you can think of how to combine these blocks to build your custom automation flow!”

Saving time with airSlate automation

It is impossible to generalize how much time is needed to create a Flow. A simple Flow where you only need to add fields and send a document for completion, and eSigning, can take two or three hours to create. A Flow that operates on 20 documents with different field settings, access limitations for recipients, and running up to 20 bots could take you a month.

“The outcome and level of sophistication largely depend on your imagination. If you desire to simplify everything to save time in the long run, you should be prepared to spend some time dedicated to Flows,” says Oleh.

“airSlate can free up your whole day. Some Flows take time to set up, but I don’t remember ever having to go back to them. They become entirely autonomous.”

Oleh Pidfihurnyi,
airSlate customer support specialist

airSlate’s integration with Salesforce is one of the best examples of how seamlessly automation can be a part of everyday workflows. airSlate for Salesforce is a powerful integration that sends documents, exports data, and uploads and manages it the way users want.

If you are willing to spend enough time on automation once, you will stop wasting time once and for all,” says Oleh. “It is much better to spend 8 hours automating something that takes you 8 minutes than to spend 8 minutes on the same thing over and over again.”

Automation is the future

Oleh believes that automation software like airSlate is the future. For people who want to connect their lives and careers with automation, airSlate offers a great experience. “With airSlate, you can streamline any process to the point where you stop thinking about it. Machines should work for us, and airSlate is like a machine in a way,” says Oleh. “All you need to do is teach it to do what you need, and at some point, this machine will start working for you.”

Automate support operations using airSlate’s automated Flows

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