Workflow is not about changing behavior, it’s about enhancing it

Workflow is not about changing behavior, it’s about enhancing it

We’re willing to bet that you tend to resist any changes to your current workflow routine. First and foremost – you’re just comfortable with the way you’re doing things now. The question is: if everyone hates change, why would anyone want to change their workflow and adopt new technology? Because you’re sick of all the paper, the repetitive typing, and because while the old way is comfortable, it just doesn’t scale. Finally, and most frustratingly, there’s the painful process of onboarding all your teammates to a new workflow. So what do you do?

It’s simple: choose a tool that doesn’t need to be “sold internally”. Choose a tool that doesn’t require “buy in” from everyone. Choose a tool that doesn’t meet with “internal resistance”. Choose a tool that enhances your workflow, and doesn’t demand a change in behavior.

At airSlate, these concerns have been taken into consideration since day one

Here’s how we’ve addressed them.

automate workflow

airSlate automates your current workflow and places it into a single workspace where you and your team can manage it together.

a. No need to change the way you do things now

b. No need to convince anybody to adopt new technologies

automate onboarding

And for onboarding, you get a team workspace that anyone registered with your company’s email domain can join. Simply invite your team members via a direct link or email. And what is more, you can always adjust teammate roles and permissions.

A better workflow means a better business

So what do you get in the end? A single team workspace where you can automate all your current workflows without having to leave behind the services you already use. No coding, no API-integrations, and your entire team can easily join, collaborate on, and automate workflows.

You certainly don’t need to change your business behavior, but after trying airSlate, your life will be a whole lot easier, and that’s the whole point.

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