What does airSlate as “partner-friendly” mean?

What does airSlate as “partner-friendly” mean?

Bot Girl is thrilled to share airSlate’s passion for partners with you as well as what it’s like to be a partner-centric company.

At airSlate, we love our partners. I know, everyone says that. But here at airSlate, it’s different. In my interactions with people at airSlate, it’s clear that our teams are built with people who are passionate about partners. We’ve talked before about how we are #CustomerObsessed, but we are also completely #PartnerObsessed.

Here’s how.

Marketing efforts that benefit YOU

We have very involved marketing teams who are always building out evergreen content and tailoring content for partners based on partner feedback.

Need something industry-focused? No problem! Need something focused on a specific line of business? We’ll get right on it! How about materials for a new integration or partnership? It would be our pleasure!

Something we are passionate about is our Go-To-Market (GTM) planning. We engage in tried and true GTM planning and execution with partners around the world. This looks like world-class marketing resources, customer-facing “campaigns in a box”, sales enablement content and training, webinars, and joint events.

Partner-centric enablement

At airSlate, we put a strong focus on sales enablement and deliver this in a variety of ways depending on what works best for our partner. What’s more is that we are committed to helping with demand generation. We don’t just hand over marketing materials – we help drive demand and generate leads.

I got to chat with Margie Gradwohl, Director of Partner Marketing. By her words, “We believe a partnership is 50-50. We will never sit back and say, ‘What has a partner done for us?’. Instead, we are always asking, ‘what can we do for our partner?’”

Company-wide partner focus

We are proud to say that internally, from bottom to top, airSlate prioritizes the partner channel – from our sales motions, partner programs, engineering and finance departments, to our company’s mission statement.

“Our mission is to help make people’s lives happier, more successful and enjoyable, by making their businesses run better, faster, and easier. We believe in giving everyone the opportunity and power to focus on what they love doing — while bringing teams, partners, and customers closer together in the process.”

We want to help make peoples’ lives better and easier – not just for end-users, but for our partner channel too. We are so committed to building our partner channel that we focus on co-selling with our partners rather than hiring an army of direct sellers. That also means taking on the responsibility of minimizing channel conflict.

Here’s what Scott Owen, VP of Business Development & Global Channel, said about how being partner-friendly differentiates airSlate from other ISVs in the channel:

“We have several differentiators. First is our extreme GTM focus on partners across the globe. Second is our multi-SaaS solution portfolio with flexible billing options (including monthly) that we deliver through the channel. Third is the rich discount/margin we provide channel partners. And last is that we truly care about our partners, driving their success, and making people’s lives easier and better.”

Why do we love being partner-friendly?

As Scott Owen says, “I really love the ‘force multiplier’ one-to-many model” effect the channel can bring – it compounds the number of customers and prospects reached when it’s properly built and nurtured.”

We want to make it easy and enjoyable for all types of partners to work together with us – whether you refer, resell, or co-sell. That’s why we share a “channel first” mentality. At airSlate, we’re with you every step of the way.

As I said earlier, we are #PartnerObsessed. We feel good when we see our partners become successful using the tools we’ve built for them. So cheers to you, partner. And together, let’s get your customer’s #ProblemSolvedwithsignNow!