What is airSlate? How is it related to signNow?

What is airSlate? How is it related to signNow?

Another common question I get when I hop on a call is “What is airSlate & how is it related to signNow?

After we acquired our eSignature solution signNow, we realized there are processes that happen before and after documents get signed. 

This is how airSlate was born…  a product that can seamlessly automate all of your manual processes without a single line of code. 

In the case of the eSignature, airSlate can automate all the processes that are happening before the document goes out for a signature & all the processes after. For example, storing certain information from the signed documents in your CRM (Salesforce, NetSuite, etc.)  or pushing that data into another system and storing documents there. 

A Final Thought! airSlate is designed to help you increase your revenue by saving you time & resources, avoiding manual work, and ultimately decreasing your cost. Who wouldn’t want to streamline their workflow & increase their productivity?


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This article appeared on Ali’s LinkedIn page and has been published here with permission.

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