Why airSlate has chosen to be cloud agnostic

Why airSlate has chosen to be cloud agnostic

BotGirl here! I often get asked, why more and more companies are building cloud-based solutions? What’s so great about it? Great question! To be concise, cloud-based solutions empower companies to strengthen the security, reliability, and agility of their offerings. And we all know these three things are SO important as of late — security with more folks working from home, reliability with distanced offices and more softwares being leveraged, and agility to quickly respond to ever-changing demands.

What’s more important to talk about, though, is how SaaS solutions (solutions built on cloud services) offer tremendous value to customers. Why is that more important? Because for us here at airSlate, we’re all about meeting customers’ needs and offering the best possible solution for their business goals. Simply put, cloud-based solutions allow customers to build a connected, secure virtual workspace that scales with their business while also keeping data secure and without added overhead expenses.

So, why are we talking about these SaaS solutions now? Another great question!

As more companies move to the cloud, security and credibility are of the utmost importance in their digital transformation journey. In order for us to be customer centric and really offer customers what they need in a SaaS solution, we’ve partnered with both Microsoft and AWS — two globally trusted companies — to build & offer our e-signature solution, signNow, on more than one cloud service… that’s right! Based on each & every customer’s need, signNow can drive Microsoft Azure or AWS cloud consumption. This is a unique differentiator for our company, which allows us to serve customers and scale to any customer at any location.

What are the benefits of Microsoft Azure and AWS security?

We believe these are the two best cloud offerings available and we always like presenting our customers with a choice. signNow combined with either Azure or AWS provides multi-layered security to help keep your data and accounts safe. With world-class security standards like encryption and threat detection as well as compliance requirements and certifications, our customers can feel confident their data is always safe & secure.

In my experience, customer-centric solutions are THE best – and here’s why:

If remote work is the #NewNormal, then cloud solutions now need to be the new norm for companies around the world. The cloud can be complex as billing and cloud cost follows a usage-based pricing model, but leveraging trusted platforms such as Azure and AWS saves organizations time and hassle as they develop a remote work environment that best serves their business needs.

Customers want streamlined processes and tools that scale with their business while ensuring the highest levels of security and compliance. Especially now with companies fully “officing from home,” they need software solutions that maximize productivity and collaboration — like web conferencing and collaboration tools, e-signature, business workflow automation, PDF editing, data storage, and secure file access.

At airSlate, we strive to make people happy by saving them time, money, and headache by improving and automating their document & business processes. We want to give our customers the best experience while maximizing our product offerings – that’s why our customers are at the heart of our organization. And, that’s why we have adopted a multi-cloud approach to serve every customer!

Wrapping it up!

airSlate has chosen to be cloud-agnostic to give our customers and partners the absolute best when it comes to business solutions, security, efficiency, and trust. We feel confident in the secure and trusted global platforms that we’ve built and deployed on like Azure and AWS.

Just ask Scott Owen, VP of Global Business Development and Channels at airSlate, “We have partnered with both AWS and Microsoft, who together own over 63% market share of the cloud computing space. Our customers are demanding our solutions to be secure, compliant, and scalable, especially in this advanced remote work from home / office from home environment.”

Today’s virtual workforce has driven the need for data protection and secure collaboration tools – moving to the cloud with the right solutions paves the way for digital transformation as well as an agile and scalable business.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your #ProblemSolvedwithsignNow!