Why partner with signNow? For our solutions & Partner Program, of course!

Why partner with signNow? For our solutions & Partner Program, of course!

Bot Girl here, coming to you from my home office! Like so many of you, I have been working from home and looking for ways to stay connected to my teammates, customers, and partners – all while keeping business moving forward.

Why eSignature is needed today

From large corporations to students learning from home, we’ve seen people and companies from all over the world turn to remote work.

Did you know that eSignature is the #2 work from home solution in demand globally?In these ever changing times, it’s clear that paper-based document processes must become a thing of the past as we adapt to working at the speed of now and bringing results as efficiently as possible in this new workspace.

It’s true! According to TrustRadius, the top rising software categories that have seen the largest increase in impressions are telemedicine, electronic signature, and web conferencing.

Simply put, this pandemic is changing the way we communicate and do business.

It’s important to keep your signature workflows moving forward even when you can’t meet in-person. Fortunately, tools like digital signature can help close the gap, maintain connection, and boost productivity – even while social distancing.

Why signNow?

So glad you asked! Obviously, you know I’m signNow’s biggest fan. Here’s why:

With signNow, businesses of all sizes can streamline and speed up the entire signature process.

signNow empowers users to:

  • Increase Productivity: 80% of documents completed in a day
  • Save Time: 25x faster turnaround time on document workflows
  • Save Money: 7x average ROI in the first year

And, signNow users report a 127% average increase in customer satisfaction scores!

Let’s look at the Market Opportunity for e-signature

Did you know that there is a huge market for e-signature that has not been penetrated yet and is steadily growing? This is because players in this market are all tools rather than end-to-end solutions, like signNow’s no-code e-signature solution.

Here’s what we’re looking at:

  •  $25 billion market opportunity and only 10% is tapped
  •  e-signature has compound growth of 30%

(Source: Global eSgnature Market by Prescient & Strategic Intelligence)

With a fast and easy deployment, your customers can begin streamlining document workflows in minutes, making signNow a sticky solution that drives higher renewal rates.

Why become a partner?

If all of this sounds awesome to you and you’re thinking, “put me in, coach!”, then you’re in luck!

You can become one of airSlate’s valued partners to access powerful solutions and increase your revenue. As a partner of airSlate, you’ll have the opportunity to earn more when your customers get access to advanced solutions, like signNow, that solve their business problems.

Organizations are looking for problem-solving solutions that are user friendly and reasonably priced.

signNow is known for it’s easy-to-use user interface and is priced about 25% less than competitors and also offers 10-30 times more sends per year. Customers around the world love signNow for its ease of use when sending, signing, and storing documents safely and securely.

When you become a partner, not only are you able to benefit from signNow’s time-saving and productivity boosting solution, but you’ll also be able to provide your customers with an award-winning, intuitive tool for e-signing that allows them to create signature workflows in just minutes.

You bring your customer and we provide a product your customer will love. It’s a win-win!

Become part of our partner community

Are you ready to become an airSlate partner and drive revenue and stand out in today’s competitive markets?

Awesome! (sending you a virtual high five)

Building trust and long-term relationships has always been a value of ours at airSlate, but even more so in these times of uncertainty. I’m sure you feel the same.

Our company is passionate about making people’s lives easier and better with easy-to-use end-to-end solutions. Our company is also passionate about our partners – from our marketing efforts to partner-centric enablement to our go-to-market campaigns – your success is our priority.

Want to learn more? Check out one of my latest posts on What Does airSlate as “Partner-Friendly” Mean?

As we continue to grow our partner channel, we’re working to bring pdfFIller and airSlate business cloud offerings to the channel, so stay tuned for that!

If you’re ready to become a partner or want to chat with our team, please email us at [email protected].

We’re excited to partner with you and help your customers get their #ProblemSolvedwithsignNow!

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