airSlate’s Call to Action to Help Ukraine

airSlate’s Call to Action to Help Ukraine

airSlate stands firmly with the people of Ukraine. When we first opened the doors to our office in downtown Kyiv in 2014, we knew we’d be working with a group of talented, focused, dedicated employees. Over the past few days, our airSlate team in Ukraine has inspired us with their bravery and resilience.

Our CEO and co-founder, Borya Shakhnovich, shares,

Over the past 72 hours, my company and I have been quiet about the war in Ukraine. That might seem surprising to those who know that we have many colleagues, friends, and family in Ukraine. We have a good reason for our silence, and I want to share that with you now.

Even before the invasion, we were working on a business continuity contingency plan that would ensure uninterrupted service to our customers. Once we received confirmation of the invasion, we initiated a plan that we prepared ahead of time for this eventuality and mobilized a large portion of company resources to do one thing and one thing only – get as many of our people and their families to safety as quickly as possible.

Team members from all across the company pulled together to ensure we were working 24/7 to do everything possible to help including organizing evacuations, ensuring lodging, provision, and business continuity. We have been able to get many to safety, but we are not done yet. We will continue to work until every team member and their family is safe. 

If you are a customer, I want to assure you that the services, products, and support that you have come to rely on will continue uninterrupted. As far as our commitment to serve our customers, nothing has changed. So far none of our customers have even noticed a change in product or service and I am beyond proud of the team for executing on that goal and are confident that will continue.

From the team members on the ground in Ukraine who have not slept in 5 days to those all across the world doing everything they can to lean in and help, thank you! Thank you also to those that reached out and offered words of support and offers to help. If I didn’t answer, I am sorry.

I am humbled to see the amazing dedication and courage of everyone involved to do what is right. If you want to support us and support Ukraine against what is undeniably one of the biggest atrocities of the 21st century, donate, buy Ukrainian-made, send letters of support, and be heard.

Nova Ukraine Providing Emergency Support for Ukraine

airSlate encourages our friends to follow updates from Nova Ukraine, whose mission is to provide humanitarian aid to vulnerable groups and individuals in Ukraine.

Today, Nova Ukraine is working with local Ukrainian partners to identify where humanitarian efforts are needed the most and provide funding and supplies. For example, in the past week, Nova Ukraine partners responded to residents of a Ukrainian town whose electrical stations were damaged and provided gasoline, candles, and flashlights. Additionally, Nova Ukraine and their affiliated volunteers evacuated a group of teenagers from an active war zone into safety. 

airSlate is in direct communication with the team at Nova Ukraine, and we fully support their mission and efforts. Nova Ukraine stands at the ready and quickly mobilizes resources that provide life-saving support to civilians.  

Donations for Nova Ukraine can be made here.

In the most challenging of times, the airSlate team has always persevered and innovated and has led airSlate through its most robust period of growth. Times of uncertainty and adversity has only strengthened the airSlate community in the past, and we know this past week’s events will continue to make the airSlate community stronger.

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For more information about Nova Ukraine, visit, and follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

Meet their founder, Igor Markov in his latest interview with CBS San Francisco.