Streamline and accelerate legal document processes with signNow

Streamline and accelerate legal document processes with signNow

BotGirl here! Today, I want to let my friends in the legal industry know how they can get their #ProblemSolvedwithsignNow.

Whether you focus on procurement contracting, contract management, or legal department forms, signNow can help standardize and simplify processes.

But first, let’s play a little game!

Which scenario sounds better to you?

Scene 1: Paperwork everywhere – on your desk, in your briefcase, in the mail, on the printer,  on the fax machine, and in your inbox. Some forms are completed and signed, others are not. Wait, which version of the document is the right one? Where is that attachment? Which contract draft should I send? Repetitive, manual, and mundane paperwork tasks are overwhelming your already busy day. Guess that coffee break will have to wait!

Scene 2: No papers – completed forms are in your inbox. Breathe a sigh of relief. You can easily collaborate with colleagues on contracts or create and share reusable templates online. Streamlined document processes mean you know exactly what documents have been sent, signed, and securely stored away – all digitally. Receive an instant email notification when a document is signed and completed – and track all progress in a court-admissible Audit Trail. You can create role-based signing orders or bulk send documents to save time. Speed up contract turnaround time and go enjoy that coffee break!

Well, which one sounds better? I think we’d all choose Scene 2, but how many of you are still living in Scene 1?

It’s time to embrace a digital legal workspace with signNow and leave the time-consuming manual tasks behind.

Here’s what that looks like –

signNow empowers legal teams to:

  • Streamline legal processes & speed up document turnaround time – Automate contract management processes and accelerate contract negotiation time by removing the need to print, copy, and mail documents.  
  • Sign legally-binding documents, even on the go – Easily send and sign documents from your desktop or mobile device – or in-person with signNow’s kiosk mode. 
  • Reduce risk while keeping data secure – Feel confident signNow keeps your data safe with industry-leading compliance and advanced threat protection.

What’s not to love?

Say goodbye to tedious, manual paper-based processes. And say hello to working collaboratively and delighting your clients with a smooth and transparent process.

And here’s the best part –

With signNow legal teams can:

  • Increase Productivity: decrease signature cycle from days to minutes
  • Save Money: 7x average ROI in the first year
  • Save Paper & Time: 40 hours saved per month by going paperless
  • Improve Customer Satisfaction: 127% average increase in customer satisfaction scores

What’s the bottom line?

Legal teams love the improved visibility and increased collaboration signNow brings. Streamline legal paperwork processes, speed up document turnaround time, and reduce risk with court-admissible Audit Trails.

Want to learn more? Check out this short video.

Let us help you get your #ProblemSolvedwithsignNow!