T2 Biosystems, a diagnostic solutions provider, uses airSlate to ensure consistent and secure workflows

By integrating airSlate into their Salesforce processes, T2 Biosystems could easily share forms with end-users and secure partially completed information for future use. With airSlate’s flexible no-code automation, T2 adapted airSlate to their existing workflow on day one.

Company profile

T2 Biosystems is an emerging leader in the field of in-vitro diagnostics (the study of blood and tissue to cure and prevent diseases). T2’s initial development efforts target sepsis, hemostasis, bacteria, and Lyme disease, which are areas of significant unmet medical need. Their mission is to save lives and improve healthcare by giving physicians what they need to get patients on the right therapy faster.

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Difficulties in creating a regular experience for end-users was a constant issue that had been affecting the overall flow of T2’s platform. «Our other challenge was creating a solution that included all the required features we needed, such as the ability to save our partially completed forms,» says Anthony Matero, T2 Operations.

“Our other challenge was creating a solution that included all the required features we needed, such as the ability to save our partially completed forms.”

– Anthony Matero, Operations

Before airSlate, T2 had been using MS Word and Adobe Acrobat to process forms and sensitive information. Due to the compliance process for obtaining medical data, T2’s inability to revisit their forms and complete them at a later time without having to restart an entire workflow was causing unnecessary delays.

Addressing the issues

airSlate’s built-in integration with Salesforce gave T2 a direct path for using airSlate throughout their CRM system so that they could start utilizing its functionality on day one. Matero recalls, “airSlate’s ability to seamlessly integrate with Salesforce allowed us to easily disseminate important forms to end-users. It can automatically attach completed forms that meet compliance regulations back into Salesforce.

“airSlate’s ability to seamlessly integrate with Salesforce allowed us to easily disseminate important forms to end-users.”

Standard airSlate functionality addressed T2’s issue of consistent user experience. Another frustrating challenge T2’s office of around 30 employees was facing was access to unfinished forms. «We are also very pleased with the feature that allows us to save unfinished forms and return at a later date to complete them,» says Matero. «The process of filling out our forms is easier. The end-user’s ability to enter the correct information into the form fields the first time has improved.»

T2 now enjoys airSlate’s added benefit of knowing that their document end-users are always using the most current version of their forms. This type of functionality is inherent in the design of the airSlate platform.

The benefits of deploying airSlate

While switching to airSlate, T2 took the time to update their forms and processes. «The flexibility of airSlate allowed us to design a workflow that works for us. The automation built into airSlate helped us remove many manual steps in our old process», says Matero.

“The flexibility of airSlate allowed us to design a workflow that works for us. The automation built into airSlate helped us remove many manual steps in our old process.”

Organizations tend to go through a period of change when improving their regular routines to create balance with a new workflow. This period can involve any number of setbacks and frustrations when trying to change longstanding processes to any new software system. However, airSlate does not place any demands on an organization to conform to a specific way of doing things. «The flexibility that is built into airSlate is a huge benefit compared to other solutions. We were able to configure airSlate to match our process instead of changing our process to fit into some predetermined workflow,» recalls Matero.

Once T2 had airSlate up and running, employees could start applying airSlate’s standard workflow and automation features to their most cumbersome processes in minutes. Matero recalls, «We started saving time whenever our document end-user used the new airSlate Flows. Our savings weren’t just limited to the person filling out the form but also the admin time required to administer the process.»


airSlate’s security and features for complying with regulations spanning many industries is a key aspect of its operations. Making them available on day one means that a business doesn’t have to sacrifice efficiency when introducing the solution. «Overcoming obstacles during implementation was not an issue,» says Matero. «The support we received from airSlate was above and beyond what we usually experience with other vendors. airSlate personnel are all extremely knowledgeable and helpful.»

“The support we received from airSlate was above and beyond what we usually experience with other vendors. airSlate personnel are all extremely knowledgeable and helpful.”

– Anthony Matero, Operations

T2 Biosystems integrated airSlate’s simple interface which allowed them to automate complex processes. The ability to achieve their desired workflow without having to create custom code was valuable in getting them up and running quickly so that their team could continue operations without a hiccup.

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