The new airSlate Academy has arrived: learn everything you need to digitally transform your business

Get the pdfFiller, signNow, and airSlate Academies in the new airSlate Academy!

We’re thrilled to announce the new airSlate Academy 一 the first educational hub for learning the ins and outs of digital transformation. Get access to a full catalog of courses on airSlate, signNow, and pdfFiller Academies in one place, and more. If you’re a driven individual in search of a career differentiator, a business line owner, or manage your own business, the new airSlate Academy is your go-to educational resource for digital transformation. If you’re a driven individual in search of a career differentiator, a business line owner, or a manager, the new airSlate Academy is your go-to educational resource for digital transformation. #nocode #automation @airSlateAcademy Click To Tweet

Learn everything you need to digitally transform your business, for FREE 一 from simple things like working with PDFs and going paperless to more complex like using no-code solutions to streamline your day-to-day business operations. At the new airSlate Academy, anyone can start their digital transformation journey and master in-demand career skills, or accelerate their career by enrolling in free workflow automation certification programs.

Why study with the new airSlate Academy?

  1. Enhance your experience with the personalized dashboard and access 50+ online courses to find everything you need for your digital transformation journey.
  2. Learn new skills and become a certified expert in your industry with new workflow automation certification programs (HR, Operations, Finance, and more to come).
  3. Get a better understanding of airSlate, signNow, and pdfFiller to show your expertise on the market with product certifications
  4. Become a No-code Ninja or an Automation Guru by acquiring badges for your learning achievements.

50+ free online courses for your digital transformation journey

With more than 50 online courses available at the new airSlate Academy, you can choose to complete any course you need separately or several courses at a time. Based on your learning achievements, you’ll be rewarded with badges showing your level of automation expertise.

Sign up for courses covering different digital transformation areas 一 from BPM essentials and document process automation to building eSignature workflows and automating business processes with no-code Bots. Familiarize yourself with the evolution of BPM, its benefits, and how to help SMBs win. Select the course from the Academy library and find the right fit for you.

Access all Product Сertifications on a single learning platform

With the new airSlate Academy, you can enroll in the airSlate Fundamentals, pdfFiller Fundamentals, and signNow Fundamentals Product Сertifications within a single learning environment. Once finished, you’ll get a verified certificate to pursue a career in digital transformation.

Enroll in industry-focused workflow automation certification programs

At the new airSlate Academy, you can now access industry-focused learning plans to discover the capabilities offered by workflow automation in healthcare, HR, Education, Finance, and other industries.

  • Workflow Automation for Healthcare

Learn the basics of airSlate to create fully automated workflows for the Healthcare industry. You’ll get the necessary knowledge for transforming routine document workflows into smooth and time-saving processes that benefit both healthcare workers and patients.

  • Workflow Automation for HR

Familiarize yourself with the airSlate fundamentals and learn how to create and set up fully automated workflows for the HR industry. Get practical knowledge and the opportunity to apply it to increase efficiency and reduce stress for both HR managers and employees.

  • Workflow Automation for Education

Get a grasp of the basic airSlate capabilities to be able to build and configure fully automated workflows for the Education industry. Find out how to increase efficiency and reduce stress in your educational organization.

  • Workflow Automation for Finance

Study the airSlate fundamentals and apply your newfound knowledge in practice to transform tedious finance processes into automated workflows, saving time and minimizing hassle by learning the basics of airSlate.

  • Workflow Automation for Procurement

Delve into the basics of airSlate to build and set up automated workflows for the Procurement industry. Obtain the necessary knowledge for streamlining procurement processes, including the best practices and benefits of automated workflows.

  • Workflow Automation for Operations

Get familiarized with the airSlate fundamentals to automate routine workflows for Operations fast and easy. Apply your skills to automating even the most complicated actions within your workflow, making your business processes transparent, fast, and cost effective.

Each industry-focused certification program includes three sections:

  • The Essentials section acts as a walk-through for the basics of airSlate, from creating a workflow to automating every single process in it.
  • The Use Case section provides an in-depth explanation of how to automate the most common processes for the industry and demonstrates the key benefits of automated workflows.
  • The Bots section explains the ins and outs of building automation using no-code Bots.

A No-code Ninja or a Rising Automation Star: get badges for your learning achievements

At the new airSlate Academy, students are rewarded with badges for their learning achievements. Depending on how many courses and certifications have been passed successfully, students are credited with points (5 to 100) and a badge:

  • You can get the Workflow Analytics Expert badge and 5 points for successfully completing the Workflow Analytics with airSlate course.
  • The Rising Automation Star badge and 15 points are credited after three airSlate Academy courses have been completed successfully.
  • The No-code Ninja badge and 65 points are awarded to those who complete all courses in the Bots category.
  • For the completion of all business automation courses at the airSlate Academy, you can earn the Automation Guru badge and 100 points.

Overall, students can acquire 15 badges for their learning achievements together with the title of a Feedback Hero for sharing their feedback about the airSlate Academy.

Become a digital transformation expert and get started with powerful PDF editing, legally-binding eSignature, and no-code workflows.