airSlate provides free online certification to help reduce the impact of COVID-19

airSlate provides free online certification to help reduce the impact of COVID-19

Learn about how to get online certification from the airSlate Academy for a streamlined transition to remote work.

At airSlate, our intent is to provide every customer with value and support. Today, we want to give you another tool for responding to the ongoing crisis. We believe that online learning and certification are what can help individuals better understand their needs and capabilities during the quarantine. To better prepare you for a post-COVID-19 business environment, we recommend advancing your professional skills while picking up new ones along the way with the airSlate Academy.

The airSlate Academy is an educational portal for those looking to learn automation, start a new career, demonstrate career growth, or implement a new high-tech solution in their workplace. But most of all, the airSlate Academy is a super useful FREE tool for those who want to master in-demand career skills, start working remotely, and be successful doing it.

Starting from the middle of March the airSlate Academy gained more than 2,300 new students. We like to call those students Slaters. Keep reading this article to learn more about how you can become a Slater too.

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How to get online certification from the airSlate Academy

Today, the airSlate Academy consists of 12 courses. Complete each of them separately and get a single course certificate for each one.

In addition, there are also two certification programs consisting of several courses. These are:

1. Automation Architect Program. With this program, you learn how to master algorithms, tools, and analytics for designing and automating real-world business workflows as per the automation architect roles and responsibilities. The program consists of three levels — Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. Each of them is divided into two separate courses. The course is aimed at helping you with:

  • Reducing business costs, eliminating routine paperwork and improving the efficiency and effectiveness of work performance;
  • Automating workflows of any difficulty and complexity without the need for coding or third-party integrations;
  • Understanding privacy, security & compliance standards and their application to business processes;
  • Overcoming the weaknesses of business processes and improving upon their strengths through workflow analysis;
  • How to integrate your workflows with the CRMs, cloud storage, email services, and other systems you already use without additional costs.

2. Business Process Analyst Program. This program is aimed at those who want to master the ins and outs of workflow analytics to create fully-automated workflows. You learn how to get the most out of any business by reducing the amount of time and money spent on routine processes. We prepared information about:

  • How to apply workflow automation to your everyday routines, allowing you to rededicate your time and money towards other critical business goals;
  • The core aspects of document process automation (DPA), business process management (BPM), and the correlation between the two;
  • The principal legal regulations and standards of security and compliance and why they are needed;
  • How to use workflow analytics to ensure the effective functioning of internal processes and increase productivity.

Choose any online certification program for free (or both of them, why not?) to master more in-demand career skills. These days, whenever a new employee is hired, they should possess a specific knowledge base of digital skills. The airSlate Academy gives you real knowledge which you can use to accelerate your career in business automation and automation architecture.