How airSlate’s smart pricing empowers free workflow automation

How airSlate’s smart pricing empowers free workflow automation

Business process automation does not necessarily involve complicated math or algorithms. In fact, deploying and administering workflows can be smooth, fun and…free! Unlike other free workflow automation tools, airSlate gives you free access to premium features instantly.

airSlate premium features are available the moment you create a new Workspace, regardless of the subscription plan you’ve chosen. For your business, it’s the perfect opportunity to save.

It’s not free workflow automation if you have to spend a fortune “just to try”

Every low-code/no-code automation platform out there has its pros and cons. The benefits are pretty diverse and depend on things like industry, scale and architecture. The drawbacks, on the other hand, are quite clear.

  • Expensive. In most cases, it takes hundreds, if not thousands of dollars to create and configure a workflow. For example, the standard pricing for a Nintex plan itself will cost you $850 month/10 before counting third-party integrations and deployment expenses.
  • Problematic integrations. For every new integration there’s a new fee, especially if your workflow requires eSignatures, document generation, PDF editing, etc.
  • Limited workspace. The lack of ability to support a large community makes it difficult to onboard new team members, which in turn, slows down collaboration within the system.
  • Hidden APIs. No matter how low-code a free workflow automation solution is on paper, it still requires API programming, which makes the service complex for people who can’t code. 
  • Limited flexibility. When it comes to governing your own workflows these solutions are often full of bottlenecks that leave you calling IT support every time your Flow needs to change.

Settling for less than an all-in-one solution is settling for wasted time

Still, the biggest disadvantage of most process automation services is that they’re only capable of processing certain parts of a workflow chain. If you want an end-to-end workflow solution, you have to pay over and over again for each new integration.

airSlate is the only platform that is natively multi-cloud, ensuring your workflows function across all your cloud applications at the same time.

You can create and manage almost any industry’s workflow in airSlate, including human resources, sales, finance, procurement, administration and many others.

All these business processes can… and should be!…configured and automated without the need to code APIs.

Don’t let pricing limit your automation

Start from the ground up and add more features later

Automation is just the tool, don’t expect it to do the job for you. The human touch is still essential to the success of any business looking for free workflow software online that will give them the jump start they need.

Use workflow mapping to define the steps needed to complete a workflow before throwing money at another vendor or integration. Keep things simple and don’t pressure your teammates with overwhelming and sophisticated automation strategies.

When a Free Trial is actually free forever

There are three subscription plans in airSlate: Free, Basic, and Business Cloud, each including a range of pretty useful automation and document management features:

Collecting e-signatures

Unlimited team Workspace

Check information

Online PDF editor and drag-and-drop web form builder

Notification the IT department

Legally-binding electronic signatures

Notification the IT department

Configurable workflow routing

Prepare the required equipment and register new users

Contract negotiation and management

Robotic process automation

Payment collection

Document generation


airSlate’s Free plan provides you with a team Workspace, full-featured workflows and automation. Simply put, you can use every feature needed for automation for free with one exception, lifetime Flow history.

Comparing the Free and Basic plans there are no differences in functionality. The only difference is that the Free plan has a time-based retention limit for the document Flows you and your teammates create in your Workspace.

You don’t need to add any payment details to sign up for airSlate’s Free plan. Just enter your email, and start setting up your Workspace with just a few steps.

For every new Flow created, you’ll only have access to it for 30 days. However, the Flows never disappear. All you need to do to see your older Flows is subscribe to the Basic plan. Giving you full access to everything you and your teammates have created.

What’s the main idea behind free workflow automation

Contrary to what many believe, business process automation doesn’t have to be overwhelming, expensive, or confusing. You also don’t have to reinvent the wheel to make sure your company’s processes are adequately organized. Sometimes it’s just a matter of finding the right approach.

With airSlate, everyone in your organization can finally focus on what’s essential: better customer experience, performance and business success. Upgrade your subscription whenever ready or cancel it any time with no obligations.

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