Digitization isn’t just for businesses – teachers are embracing eSignatures to save time (and their sanity!)

Digitization isn’t just for businesses – teachers are embracing eSignatures to save time (and their sanity!)

signNow helps two teachers stay connected with their students during this time of social distancing – bringing people together and making their lives easier.

More industries are going digital by automating processes for their teams while working remotely, even in education. For teachers, what was once a solely interactive and hands-on classroom role is quickly becoming more remote and digitized. Understandably, teachers and coaches are struggling to stay connected to their students and athletes in the current climate.

What does this mean?

It means teachers and coaches need the right tools to create calm and maintain structure when communicating with students and parents while working remotely.

Times are changing, but that doesn’t have to mean extra hassle for busy teachers. I was able to connect with two hard-working teachers to learn how they’re staying connected with their students, athletes, and parents. Here are two examples of how they’re leveraging signNow to digitize their processes:

How Ms. Harmon keeps her first graders on track with remote digital reading logs

First, I met Ms. Harmon, a sweet, down-to-earth first-grade teacher who was worried about how she would stay connected with her young students. She knew she needed to make it easy for parents, but wanted to be more engaging than just sending out emails. We set her up with signNow to transform how her class receives and engages with their weekly reading logs.

Ms. Harmon was faced with the challenge of having to teach her first-grade class remotely for the first time and with limited guidance on best practices. Until an official program was rolled out, Ms. Harmon’s top priority was ensuring that parents could receive the lessons of the week and still spend time reading with their first grader each night. She could no longer count on having face-to-face time to hand out take-home folders or paper reading logs, so she quickly #ProblemSolvedWithSignNow. In a matter of minutes, she was able to digitize her reading logs and send them to parents via a signing link. This made it easy for parents to stay connected with Ms. Harmon on a weekly basis, keep their child on track, and communicate their progress.

“I was amazed at how quickly I was able to upload my reading log, add parent initial fields, and send it off. The best part was that I could use the exact same reading log and tracker that the kiddos and parents were already used to seeing! It’s great to know they can even sign without internet while using the mobile app. The email notifications told me exactly when parents received, signed, and completed their weekly logs — this helped me tremendously because I knew exactly who I needed to follow up with. signNow has helped make my classroom feel more connected.”

With signNow, Ms. Harmon is able to:

  • Stay connected and communicate efficiently with parents, even remotely.
  • Save time and maintain a sense of classroom engagement.
  • Send her documents with a solution that allowed parents to sign anywhere and at anytime, even with a mobile device.

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It’s not just in the classroom where signNow can help, but on the field with student athletes as well.

Coach John is using signNow to keep his football team motivated and engaged

Next, I talked with Coach John, who shared how he is using signNow to keep his football players motivated and engaged. Let’s take it to the field with Coach John!

When high school football coach, Coach John, realized his players could no longer meet to lift as a team, he knew they were at risk of quickly losing motivation and their sense of team. He came up with a home workout plan to guide his players through their weightlifting and keep them on track until they could return to their regular team lifting sessions on campus. With signNow, Coach John was not only able to electronically send these weekly workout plans to 70+ players, but he could also track engagement by requiring a dropdown response and signature when each weekly workout was completed.

Because Coach John could track the progress of documents via the audit trail, he knew when each document was delivered and signed — using signNow as a tool for remote accountability. Although this is not the same as working out as a team, he felt this was the best way to keep in touch with his players, especially because players could complete their forms directly on their mobile phones (which they always have by their side).

“When it was looking like my football team was going to miss spring training due to school closures, I was concerned about maintaining our team chemistry. signNow made it possible to make the best out of a challenging situation by allowing me to keep my players motivated and accountable for completing their workouts. signNow helps close the distance between my players by maintaining a sense of team and accountability, even remotely.”

With signNow Coach John is able to:

  • Maintain training momentum and team focus, even remotely.
  • Promote engagement, commitment and accountability teamwide.
  • Save time connecting with each player electronically and allowing student athletes to sign even from their mobile device.
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What’s the bottom line?

At signNow, we are passionate about bringing people together and making their lives easier and happier, and we help to do this by making document management a breeze.

No matter your role in education, eSignature can help. From admissions to financial aid to administration to teachers and coaches wanting to stay connected, signNow simplifies and automates document workflows.

If you have ideas about how signNow can promote social good, please reach out to your local reseller or feel free to email us at [email protected].

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