New airSlate API to empower developers and IT teams to create customized, flexible data integrations

New airSlate API to empower developers and IT teams to create customized, flexible data integrations

airSlate, which offers an all-in-one document workflow automation solution, is introducing a robust API. Using the airSlate API, developers can build customizable document workflow automation solutions that integrate with their apps, websites, or CRMs.

From embedded eSignature to advanced Document Generation, airSlate API is built to scale. Detail-rich documentation and monitoring data keeps you in total control at all times.

If you want to know more about the airSlate API, this article is the best place to start.
We’ll guide you through the capabilities of the airSlate API and provide instructions to help you start integrating automated document workflows in your products.

What capabilities does the airSlate API offer?

The airSlate API provides customizable, scalable document workflow automation solutions for any application or website. From embedded web forms to eSign to document workflows, airSlate’s API is everything you’ll need to create a streamlined user experience within your application. Forward-thinking Developers around the world enhance their app’s functionality with airSlate’s developer-friendly, fully integrated API.

With the airSlate API, you can:

  • Generate documents with no third-party connectors required
  • Create dynamic HTML web forms to fit your site/CRM/platform perfectly
  • Ensure secure authorizations using OAuth 2.0 by default
  • Invite an unlimited number of recipients to engage with the documents & forms

Here are some of the most common airSlate API use cases:

  1. Document generation API – Pre-fill documents with data and use conditional logic when building documents and filling data/text that has varying sizes. Document generation allows you to add logic and insert data snippets of variable sizes to generate a document.
  2. Embedded HTML forms – Embed forms with conditional logic into a website for data collection or as a questionnaire. 
  3. Embedded Flows – Kick off airSlate Flows from inside any system, push data out, and receive data back to external systems. You can run, upload, and pre-fill any data before running a Flow and collect results afterwards. 

How to test the airSlate API for free

The simplicity of the setup process is an indisputable benefit of the airSlate API – no need to contact support or sales representatives to get hands-on experience with the API.

To get started with the airSlate API, you’ll have to register an airSlate account and create a workspace within it. If you already have an account in airSlate, you’re ready to move on to the next step — creating a sandbox. Navigate to the airSlate API page and click on the Create a sandbox button.

Fill out the form and our sales team will reach out to you with the details you need to enable your personal sandbox account. 

After requesting a sandbox account, you will receive an email with the access link to the airSlate API. By following the link, you can sign in to the airSlate API dashboard using your credentials for your airSlate account.

A sandbox account will allow you to test the essential API calls completely free of charge. Once you have a grasp of the basic features and functions, you can easily subscribe to a suitable API plan and start building your document workflow integrations. Now, let’s break down the process into a few steps.

Integrate your first document workflow with the airSlate API

In this article, we’ve barely scratched the surface of the airSlate API. Hopefully, it gives you a better understanding of its capabilities and how your own product stands to benefit from them. You can test-drive the airSlate API for free by creating a Sandbox account. If you have any questions or would like to discuss the API functionality or terms, contact sales for more information.

Integrate your first document workflow with airSlate API

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