How to become a System Administrator: Achieve your professional development goals with our free certification program

How to become a System Administrator: Achieve your professional development goals with our free certification program

System Administrators are vital to any organization, overseeing and ensuring the smooth and secure operation of the IT infrastructure. Sysadmins handle the setup, configuration, and management of various hardware, software, and network elements that drive the company’s digital functions. This encompasses tasks like maintaining servers, databases, and networking tools and monitoring system performance to detect and address potential issues. 

System administration entails overseeing the entire IT infrastructure, and managing diverse tasks, which is why disruptions or inefficiencies in their work can impact employees and the organization’s bottom line. Previously, seamless system operation required complex app juggling and costly integrations. Now, System Administrators can integrate document workflow automation to enhance team performance, data security, and legal compliance and automate critical processes to free their pipeline from manual tasks. With airSlate’s solution, sysadmins can delegate demanding tasks to automated systems, focusing on essential projects while the system runs smoothly.

If you’re looking to boost your System Administrator career and stand out in the job market, consider diving into the world of the free Document Workflow Automation for System Administrators certification program available at the airSlate Academy. This program will equip you with the essential skills to navigate IT operations seamlessly and fine-tune processes that contribute to your organization’s triumphs.

As we journey through this article, you’ll learn how mastering document workflow automation can fast-track your career and amplify your impact as a capable and proficient system administrator. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

System Administrator salary in 2023

As we look into the data, Glassdoor places the average yearly salary for System Administrators in 2023 at approximately $85,609. On the other hand, ZipRecruiter presents a slight variation, citing an average of $84,901, equivalent to $41 per hour. Meanwhile, Zippia takes a more conservative stance, proposing an average yearly rate of $77,156, which, when broken down, amounts to an hourly wage of $37.09.

Now, let’s see the list of 5 highest-paying Systems Administrator roles:

RoleAverage salary
Senior Unix Systems Administrator$116,752
Systems Integrator$102,867
Systems Administrator Lead$99,956
Senior System Administrator$98,146
Senior Network Administrator$89,169

The salary of a System Administrator isn’t just a fixed number. It’s a blend of many factors that come together to shape a Sysadmin compensation package. Think of it like pieces of a puzzle: years of experience, specific technical skills, place of work, industry specifics, the size of the company, the scope of responsibilities, certifications, educational background, demand on the job market, and many more.

If you’ve been in the game for a while, have some specialized skills like cybersecurity, or work in a hotspot for tech, your paycheck tends to be a bit fatter. The kinds of tasks you handle, the certifications you’ve earned, where you’ve studied, and how much the job market needs someone like you – all these things combine to decide your pay.  

The benefits of document workflow automation for System Administrators

Document workflow automation significantly enhances the efficiency of System Administrators by addressing their crucial concerns:

  • Connecting previously isolated data sources to create dependable and secure data workflows
  • Facilitating seamless integrations with existing tools and applications to optimize their usability
  • Offering an all-in-one solution that is user-friendly and requires no specialized technical training for implementation
  • Guaranteeing robust data protection by adhering to international rules and regulations, thus enhancing overall security.

By leveraging document workflow automation, System Administrators can optimize various operational aspects, such as data entry and routing, custom workflow creation, integration of external systems and apps, and ensure data security and compliance. The typical Sysadmin workflows that benefit from automation are incident reporting, equipment requests, and account creation.

Automation skills you’ll acquire with the airSlate Academy

Enroll in Document Workflow Automation for System Administrators certification program to acquire critical automation skills:

1. Become an expert in workflow optimization – to streamline operations, enhancing efficiency and enabling you to concentrate on strategic tasks crucial to system administration, like implementing advanced technologies and improving cybersecurity protocols.

2. Third-party integration skills – to connect various tools and systems, allowing you to manage requests more effectively and ensuring a smooth data flow across different platforms.

3. Request management proficiency – to handle incoming requests, allocate resources, and oversee tasks, contributing to the overall smooth functioning of IT operations.

Developing strong automation skills in workflow optimization, third-party integrations, and request management is essential for System Administrators. These skills will empower you to drive efficiency, enhance collaboration, and effectively manage tasks. Ultimately, they are critical to maintaining a robust IT infrastructure and ensuring the organization’s technological success.

5 Benefits of the airSlate Academy Certification Program for System Administrators

eLearning isn’t just about money – it’s about future gains, too. Enrolling in the airSlate Academy’s certification program on Document Workflow Automation for System Administrators brings a bunch of benefits:

  • Expand your opportunities for professional growth and career advancement
  • Unleash your creative potential while handling more advanced tasks that require innovation and critical thinking 
  • Regain valuable time and rediscover the freedom to indulge in your hobbies and interests
  • Strengthen connections with your loved ones, nurturing deeper bonds with family and friends
  • Increase your happiness and satisfaction with life

You can attain an improved work-life balance that boosts your overall well-being by placing importance on your personal life and connections. As a System Administrator, the airSlate Academy equips you with essential skills to streamline processes, boost efficiency, and lift your overall happiness.

An interesting fact: 

Employees are generally happier when they hold autonomy and authority over task completion, opportunities for professional growth and skill development, and the flexibility to take breaks. Research indicates that companies with happy employees outperform their competition by 20%.

Final thoughts

For a System Administrator, prioritizing your career growth and professional development is essential to thrive in the dynamic technology sector.

Enrolling in the airSlate Academy’s certification program focused on Document Workflow Automation for System Administrators can arm you with critical automation skills, elevating your significance within your organization and propelling your professional journey.

These competencies have the potential to amplify your earning capacity and grant you additional time to chase after your interests, fostering a more satisfying life. Take the step to invest in your future and enroll in the airSlate Academy certification without delay!