airSlate expands product portfolio with Instapage acquisition, enhancing marketing scalability and cost efficiency

airSlate expands product portfolio with Instapage acquisition, enhancing marketing scalability and cost efficiency

Addition of industry leading marketing automation solution to accelerate the digital advertising outcomes of businesses through simplifying the creation of conversion-optimized landing pages. 

airSlate announced its strategic acquisition of Instapage, an innovative company that offers scalable solutions that empower marketers to create personalized landing pages. The acquisition, finalized in October 2023, broadens airSlate’s product portfolio to further bolster the company’s robust support for the business productivity and automation needs of businesses across industries.

Just like with airSlate’s three previous successful acquisitions (SignNow, US Legal Forms, and DocHub), Instapage’s team will work closely with the rest of airSlate’s organization to achieve its expansion goals and bring unprecedented value to businesses. Instapage will continue to operate as a business unit under the airSlate umbrella, ensuring a seamless transition for existing Instapage users while offering them access to airSlate’s comprehensive suite of business automation tools.

Our suite of solutions is purposefully crafted to empower businesses with enhanced productivity. We are thrilled to incorporate Instapage’s capabilities to further bolster our support for our customers’ business automation requirements.

— Borya Shakhnovich, CEO and co-founder, airSlate.
About Instapage:

Instapage is an innovative cloud-based platform that empowers businesses to craft conversion-optimized landing pages for their campaigns. Instapage has its headquarters in San Francisco, USA, with international offices in Romania and Poland. Trusted by over 15,000 brands, Instapage has a proven track record of assisting industry giants like Verizon and other forward-thinking companies like Lattice in significantly improving their digital advertising performance through personalized, high-conversion landing pages. 

In this blog, you’ll learn more about the Instapage acquisition process, strategic vision, growth challenges, and product roadmap.

What business opportunities will this acquisition unlock?

airSlate’s decision to acquire Instapage stems from a market shift toward consolidated solutions. Recognizing this trend, airSlate sought to expand its product portfolio to include support for digital advertising teams.

airSlate is used by millions of people and is renowned for its industry-leading document automation solutions: WorkFlow, DocHub, pdfFiller, SignNow, US Legal Forms, and others. With a track record of successful acquisitions, airSlate brings proven expertise in developing products for millions of users. Their ability to create functional automated platforms distinguishes them in the industry.

This strategic acquisition aims to leverage airSlate’s 15+ years of industry presence, global reach, and innovative products to enhance businesses’ digital advertising outcomes. Together, Instapage and airSlate promise efficiency, innovation, and unmatched support, marking an exciting chapter in their shared journey.

Note: The Instapage product name, brand name, and visual identity will remain unchanged. Instapage will become a member brand in the airSlate portfolio of brands. Instapage will update the brand logo to combine its current and airSlate logos.

Due to this acquisition, will Instapage’s focus, strategic direction, and product roadmap change?  

Drawing upon airSlate’s extensive experience, the Instapage team plans to rapidly expedite their product development and introduce new features, ensuring customers remain ahead in their competitive landscapes. With this acquisition, the Instapage team plans to adopt more standardized and mature processes to accelerate product development.  

While continuing to empower users in creating, personalizing, and optimizing landing pages without developer intervention, Instapage’s focus will expand to explore synergies with airSlate in the following ways:

  • broadening product accessibility through APIs for a wider enterprise audience
  • crafting a joint airSlate + Instapage offering to automate different parts of the digital marketing stack
  • introducing cost-effective entry-level packages for emerging companies and teams starting their business journeys.

How will acquiring Instapage by airSlate affect current services and regular operations?

All services offered as of today will continue undisrupted, and customers can expect improvements in all areas over the next few months. In case of any changes in the course of Instapage’s regular operations, the team will follow standard processes and work with customers to ensure a smooth transition and continuity of operations: 

  • Customer contracts will continue to be in effect. If there are changes to any processes, we will notify you as soon as practically possible.
  • Changes to the invoicing and collection process will be ongoing. A team member will reach out with additional information when it becomes available. 
  • All customer quotes will be honored until the expiration date.
  • Current pricing and packaging are being evaluated to make our product more competitive and accessible to our customers.
  • We do not anticipate any changes in quality or policies. The only immediate change to our policies will be related to our Privacy Policy, as we are updating our Privacy Policy to align with airSlate’s company practices.
  • Our availability and dedication to our customers will stay the same, and you will continue to find us in the usual channels ready to help you.

airSlate is a 15-year-old established company with millions of customers. airSlate services operate at industry-leading quality levels. As we adopt some of the best practices at airSlate, we only anticipate improving service levels and accelerating growth. 

Will any of Instapage’s partners and affiliates be affected?

No. This merger will not impact any of Instapage partnerships.

How will Instapage vendors be affected?

Effective immediately, we request that all invoices be sent directly to our Accounts Payable department before the 22nd of each month. From now on, please send your invoices to [email protected].

To ensure timely processing, kindly submit all outstanding invoices to Accounts Payable by the 22nd of each month. Invoices received after this date may experience delays in payment processing to the following month. Once the invoices are processed and approved, payments will be issued at the end of each month. You will receive payment from Silicon Valley Bank.

  • Vendor contracts will remain valid. If there are changes to any processes, you will be notified as soon as possible. All purchase orders will remain valid until the expiration date. 
  • We will continue improving the vendor selection process to achieve better compliance and more efficiency for our customers and business. As a starting point, we will review vendor contracts legally. 
  • The need for new quality certifications will be addressed on a case-by-case basis per the applicable risk profile.

As more and more businesses optimize their marketing technology stacks to streamline and automate their workflows, the combination of Instapage’s product expertise and airSlate’s robust ecosystem will accelerate and expand the support for customers seeking to simplify key business processes through automation.

— Saranya Babu, General Manager of Instapage.

As businesses adapt to the evolving digital landscape, the collaboration between airSlate and Instapage marks a significant step toward simplifying and enhancing critical marketing operations. With this strategic acquisition, airSlate reaffirms its commitment to empowering businesses, enabling them to work efficiently, scale effectively, and unlock their full potential in an increasingly competitive global market. 

Stay tuned for more updates as airSlate and Instapage revolutionize how businesses approach digital advertising and automation.