Introducing Flow Creator: an interview with Aaron Brennan, airSlate’s Director of Product Marketing

Introducing Flow Creator: an interview with Aaron Brennan, airSlate’s Director of Product Marketing

airSlate announces its latest feature, Flow Creator. It enables anyone to automate and visualize tasks. With Flow Creator, employees can reduce the time spent on manual, routine tasks and instead focus on driving strategic, high-value business goals. From two-step processes typically used to approve expense reports to more complex cross-departmental business processes, airSlate empowers no-code developers with an end-to-end automation solution that streamlines work, increases productivity, and minimizes the disruptive nature of launching, toggling, and porting data across multiple business applications.

Let’s dive deeper into the functionality of Flow Creator with Aaron Brennan, our Director of Product Marketing.

What’s the idea behind Flow Creator?

The main idea was to give our current and future users a visual representation of how documents pass through a workflow. With Flow Creator, users can visualize (and not have to visualize it in their head) all the necessary steps from start to finish, ensuring that each of these steps is what they need, and see how documents move step by step. What this does is makes sure that nothing in a process is missed, there are no questions about what’s going on, and that all possible capabilities are clearly understood.

Could you please briefly explain to our readers how Flow Creator works?

Yes, sure. Everything revolves around documents. By creating a document you establish what the document is, what using it should accomplish, and what data or information you’re trying to get from customers. After that, use the drag-and-drop functionality within Flow Creator to drag and drop steps where each should take place within a specific process.

For example, you can start by sending a document to a client, then to a manager, then to finance, or to operations. With the drag-and-drop functionality, you can actually visualize the entire process and add steps where needed.

Who will benefit from this feature the most?

Flow creators – in-team innovators tackling complex workflows are set to benefit the most. The Flow Creator feature empowers them by making document workflows simple. It gives them the reliability needed to understand where particular actions are going to take place with each document. This visualization ensures that anyone building a Flow knows exactly how a document is going to move through its lifecycle.

How does Flow Creator improve remote working conditions?

Flow Creator improves remote working conditions by creating transparency in document workflows; helping everyone understand what, when, where, and who a document gets sent to.

In short, it removes the need for yourself or Flow participants to manually check steps or directly manage how documents are delivered to recipients and if those recipients complete what’s required of them. If everything is set up properly, a document will automatically be routed to recipients and notified when they’re required to complete their step. Once a recipient completes their role, the document will route itself to the next recipient.

There’s no more need to email or call someone who’s out and about to come back to the office to complete something. This makes processes smooth and managing remote workflows easy.

A growing number of remote team members are looking for tools that allow them to access data and use applications without needing the immediate support of an IT department. Flow Creator is empowering no-code developers to become  innovators within their teams and giving them the tools they need to streamline workflows while remote.

Does a user have to have special skills to use this feature?

No! This is a no-code functionality with drag-and-drop capabilities and makes it super easy to visualize your Flow. There’s no need to code and no advanced logic to understand. You just drag-and-drop steps in the order you need them to be done in and who they should be routed to.

What are your expectations from this feature?

We want to give users confidence that their document is going where they need it to. In addition to that, adding fields and assigning them to different people is easier with Flow Creator. Get the best experience for you and your Flow’s participants.

Flow Creator allows us to move data in documents through an organization automatically. The direct benefit of that is not having to spend time tracking down data or the people who are responsible for next steps. Eliminate manual steps, and gain the freedom to focus on more valuable tasks.

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