3 easy ways to automate paper workflows via mobile devices

3 easy ways to automate paper workflows via mobile devices

“Print this!” “Fax it!” “Call the courier!” “Mail it!” “Overnight it!” “Bring it to my house!” “Send a Raven” (sorry, I miss Game of Thrones)

How many times have we all heard those lines when it comes to paperwork reviews and/or approvals?

If you are a school that now needs help with admissions applications, a company that needs help on-boarding employee documents, a sales professional looking to streamline agreements or just someone who wants to stay home, stay safe and more efficient, the legacy processes above no longer work.

For some, small improvements have been made. The concept of scanning documents via specific device or taking pictures with your smart phone begins to bridge the gap of doc delivery and review but still lacks the ultimate goal of complete workflow automation. If you email someone a PDF of a document that needs their attention/approval, what’s stopping them from doing all of the above yet again?

In my honest opinion, every successful workflow must follow one simple rule; there can be no second guessing on what needs to happen from start to finish.

Here are 3 Easy Ways To Automate Paper Workflows via Mobile Devices with airSlate.

  1. Email/Post/Show them a Link to start the process. The process will start from any device and/or browser so feel free to get creative.
  2. Text them! We’re all on our phones anyway. Why not stay on them? Once you enter someone’s number that receives SMS, the link they receive will start the process just as easy as the first option. And if you’re wondering “why not just copy/paste the link from option #1 to your SMS directly”, the answer is you certainly can.
airSlate’s ‘You received a new Slate’ SMS notification
airSlate’s message customization

3. Show them a QR Code How many times have you walked into a doctors office only to be a handed a clipboard of docs that mimics a mortgage application? My “favorite part”; each page asks me to Print Full Name and Sign… over and over and over! Put a picture of a QR code at your front desk, desktop background, etc. and let them do the work! If you can scan your menu at a restaurant, you have no business touching clipboards at a doctors office!

(Scan below for a live example)

airSlate QR code

This article appeared on Mike’s LinkedIn page and has been published here with permission.

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