Boosting your professional profile with airSlate Academy: How to add certifications to LinkedIn

Boosting your professional profile with airSlate Academy: How to add certifications to LinkedIn

Showcasing your most relevant experience about your education and career on LinkedIn is a powerful strategy that can significantly boost your professional profile. By leveraging the platform’s features, you can add certifications to your LinkedIn profile to effectively highlight your accomplishments and attract more attention from your network. 

Why adding certifications to LinkedIn is essential to advancing your career

Adding certifications to your LinkedIn profile is essential for candidates who aspire to advance their careers and elevate their professional profiles. 

  • Each new certificate for course completion added to your LinkedIn profile demonstrates your commitment to continuous learning and development, showcasing your expertise and specialization within a particular field. 
  • By adding certifications to LinkedIn, you enhance your credibility and increase your chances of catching the attention of recruiters and hiring managers. It adds depth to your professional narrative and provides concrete evidence of your abilities, making you a more attractive and qualified candidate for potential opportunities. 
  • Certifications on LinkedIn help you establish yourself as a lifelong learner, someone who stays up-to-date with industry trends and is dedicated to professional growth. By showcasing your certifications, you position yourself as a highly motivated and skilled professional, opening doors to new career prospects and networking opportunities.

In this article, we’ll explore how to share a certificate on LinkedIn and uncover the advantages it brings to your online presence. Whether you’re an airSlate Academy student looking to showcase your achievements or a professional eager to enhance your career prospects, mastering the art of adding certificates to LinkedIn will unlock new career opportunities and open doors to meaningful connections. Let’s get started.

How does it work?

LinkedIn categorizes users by the information they add to their profiles. It defines skills as keywords so that relevant profiles appear in search results. LinkedIn computer algorithms scan profilеs to find mentions of specific keywords.

Example: When recruiters look for candidates on LinkedIn, they use words like certificate as keywords. Therefore, including it on your profile and resume helps your information appear in their results. The more these keywords are mentioned, the more LinkedIn sees you as an expert in this area.

And this is how you receive more profile views, gain more contacts, and get access to even more opportunities.

According to Pearson VUE’s 2023 Value of IT Certification report, the impact of completing IT certification on individuals and organizations around the globe is as follows:

  • 27% of candidates accepted job promotions
  • 37% of candidates received salary increases after earning their certifications
  • 62% of candidates earned certifications to enhance their professional profiles and résumés
  • 74% of candidates have greater work autonomy and independence
  • 78% of candidates are more satisfied with their jobs
  • 92% of candidates became more confident in their abilities, and 81% have more confidence in exploring new job opportunities

Therefore, sharing your certificates on LinkedIn is the best way to show your audience and competitors how much investment you have put into your career and education.

The next question is:
Where can I find an online IT certification for free?

With the airSlate Academy, you have everything you need to grow professionally and make your resume stand out by completing no-code automation courses online for free. Sharing your success is a necessary component of eLearning with airSlate.

All you need to do is:

1. Pick a free online course or certification program
2. Complete it and get your certificate
3. Share it on LinkedIn

Boosting your professional profile with airSlate Academy: How to add certifications to LinkedIn

How to add Certificates to your LinkedIn Profile 

The first step to sharing your certificates is adding them to your LinkedIn profile. This showcases the certificate’s credibility and confirms that you own it.
To share your certificate right after completing a course, follow the steps below:

1. Click Exit Course, check your inbox, find the email from airSlate Academy, and click Add to LinkedIn.

2. Then, click Add to my profile to add the certificate in the Licenses & certifications section.

Do keep in mind the following:

  • To make your certificate permanently available, skip adjusting the expiration date.
  • Include a list of the skills you’ve gained after completing the course. Don’t limit yourself here; this helps make you stand out in recruiter searches and makes your profile more catchy. 
  • Click Next when asked if you want to share the news with your network.
  • Allow everyone to see your post and ensure anyone can leave comments.

How to share certificates on your LinkedIn news feed

Sharing your certificate in a post on your news feed makes it available for reactions and comments to better engage with your audience. 

To do so, follow the simple steps below:

1. Access the certificate from your inbox and click Add to LinkedIn.
2. Click Share and then Share in a post.
3. Add a text message expressing how you feel and what you’ve achieved.
4. Make your post visible to everyone and available for comments.
5. Click View post to see how it will appear in your news feed.

Boosting your professional profile with airSlate Academy: How to add certifications to LinkedIn

Top 3 tips for sharing certificates on LinkedIn


To get the most out of sharing your certificate or badge, use every sharing option available to capture the most recognition and number of eyes on your profile. For example, your colleagues and friends might respond better to a post, while employers will pay more attention to your Licenses & certifications section.

Boosting your professional profile with airSlate Academy: How to add certifications to LinkedIn


Once you’ve shared your certificate on LinkedIn, you can access it by clicking Show credential below.


Find your digital credentials on the Acredible page. Here you also have different options for what to do with your certificate, from saving it as a PDF and changing your name to adding evidence and sharing it on social media.

The bottom line

Completing online courses and sharing your achievements on LinkedIn helps you prove your in-demand skills, satisfy current workplace challenges, and add more credibility to your work. LinkedIn is the right place to share your success, gain recognition, and drive attention to your achievements.

Keep unlocking your potential while building your expertise through simple and fun eLearning with the airSlate Academy!