airSlate introduces Document Automation Hub: Enabling developers to access multiple APIs from a unified platform

airSlate introduces Document Automation Hub: Enabling developers to access multiple APIs from a unified platform

airSlate, which offers an all-in-one document workflow automation solution, is introducing Document Automation Hub. With its help, developers can access, manage, and automate a comprehensive suite of document workflow APIs from one location. By seamlessly integrating PDF editing, document generation, data collection, eSignature, and forms, the Document Automation Hub aims to revolutionize the development process and enhance productivity for tech teams.

Document Automation Hub: A unified platform for all your document workflow needs

Developers often find themselves grappling with the complexity of managing multiple, disconnected solutions, subscriptions, portals, and log management systems. These challenges disrupt workflows and create delays in the development process. 

Document Automation Hub emerges as a unified platform for all document workflow needs to tackle persistent challenges faced by developers. It offers developers a centralized location to access and automate various document workflow APIs, facilitating smoother scalability and seamless application maintenance.

Document Automation Hub provides best-in-class APIs in a single place, reducing time-to-market and development costs for developers seeking to automate different aspects of their document workflow.

Borya Shakhnovich, CEO and co-founder of airSlate

Empowering developers with comprehensive API capabilities

Document Automation Hub opens up a world of possibilities for developers, offering a rich array of API capabilities tailored to diverse automation requirements. Let’s explore some of the key features:

  1. Forms API: Generate dynamic web forms that adapt to user inputs, pre-fill fields with backend data, and deliver a seamless, mobile-friendly experience for document completion and signature across devices.
  2. DocGen API: Create professional documents using DOCX templates with dynamic fields, eSignature capabilities, iterators, conditionals, validation, custom tables, and pre-filled data using template tags, ensuring unparalleled flexibility and efficiency in document generation.
  3. Flows API: Empower developers to automate sophisticated workflows with airSlate’s intuitive visual workflow designer, simplifying the process of sending a collection of documents for completion or signature and streamlining document-based processes.
  4. eSignature API: Seamlessly integrate legally-binding eSignatures into applications, enabling users to send documents for signing, create fillable templates, and effortlessly track the status of documents, optimizing the signing process for businesses and end-users alike.
  5. PDF Editing API: Embed editing features into applications, empowering users to annotate and make edits to PDF documents without leaving the application, resulting in an enhanced and user-friendly experience.

Existing and new customers can test-drive Document Automation Hub for free – each Sandbox account gets 250 free credits. After that, you can purchase a subscription plan that fits your document workflow automation needs. Large-scale businesses and organizations  with unique business models are offered custom pricing plans. Visit Document Automation Hub pricing page for more information on plans and pricing.

Unlocking new use cases with configurable APIs

The true power of Document Automation Hub lies in its remarkable configurability, enabling customers to automate a diverse range of use cases. airSlate is dedicated to empowering individuals and organizations to leverage their robust solutions within applications or websites. This flexibility facilitates seamless data transfer between CRM or ERP systems, opening new possibilities for integration and automation.

For example, developers in insurance or home warranty companies can utilize the Forms API to collect customer details and leverage the DocGen API to create contracts, embed eSignatures, and facilitate signing during an agent’s visit. Document Automation Hub simplifies the entire process, revolutionizing document workflows and accelerating business operations.

Final thoughts

With Document Automation Hub, airSlate continues to empower developers with robust API capabilities, unlocking new use cases and enabling seamless integration into existing systems. By consolidating PDF editing, document generation, data collection, eSignature, and forms into one powerful platform, airSlate empowers developers to scale their applications cost-effectively and maintain them effortlessly. If you have any questions or would like to discuss the Document Automation Hub functionality or terms, contact sales for more information.

The future of document automation is here, and with Document Automation Hub, it looks brighter and more efficient than ever before.