How is the financial service industry going digital?

How is the financial service industry going digital?

Bot Girl here! Did you miss me? I’ve been taking a deep dive into the world of financial services – that’s everything from banking, lending, refinancing, and investing to insurance, credit-card companies, wealth management, and stock brokerages.

Today, I’m taking you behind the scenes to take a look at a local credit union, a regional insurance company, and a national bank to show you how our friends in the financial service industry get their #ProblemSolvedwithSignNow.

First, let’s start at a local credit union that wanted to speed up signature cycles and delight customers with a digitized banking experience

In the past, opening an account or refinancing your home took hours of paperwork and having to print, sign, scan or fax, and send back documents. There was a lot of opportunity for errors or missed signatures in such a manual and paper-ridden process. Not to mention there were many delays and lack of visibility, as well as an overwhelming, ongoing request for additional paperwork.

Julia manages a credit union in Washington and wanted to streamline the banking experience for her customers. With signNow, she’s able to create reusable templates, drag and drop required signing fields, and even mass send policy updates or banking forms via email.

Here’s what that looks like –

When opening an account or refinancing a home, the customer receives all the required paperwork via email, so they don’t even need to come into the credit union branch – they can sign important forms anytime, anywhere, even on the go. There’s no need for a customer to create an account with signNow, they simply need to open the email, then fill out and sign the forms. Once complete, Julia gets an instant notification and the forms are automatically sent back to her and stored where needed.

This saves Julia and the customer time and hassle – there’s no need to track down signatures or have to send back incomplete forms. Digitizing the banking experience at her local credit union helped her to deliver fast service and improve customer satisfaction.

Now, Julia can focus on her clients instead of getting bombarded with paperwork.

Next, let’s look at a regional insurance company that wanted to ensure the accuracy of documents and the security of data

Marc runs a franchise of insurance companies throughout the midwest United States. With more people working from home, Marc wanted to meet his customers’ demand remotely while keeping his client’s documents and data safe and secure.

With signNow’s compliance certifications and regulations, Marc can rest assured that his clients’ data is safe and meets the highest security standards like SOC 2 Type II Certification, GDPR compliance, PCI DSS compliance, 21 CFR Part 11 compliance, and ESIGN compliance.

Other security features Marc loves are the two-factor authentication, network protection, digital certificate technology, document Audit Trail for each document, disaster recovery, and retention in the cloud.

What does this look like?

Once a document is signed, an insurance claim is immediately routed for processing, safely stored in the cloud, and a copy is automatically sent to the customer via email.

Now, from the moment clients log into their accounts and throughout the document completion process, he can rest assured that all data is protected and documents are securely stored with signNow.

Finally, let’s look at a national bank that wanted to accelerate loan approval by streamlining its lending processes

Vicky handles everything from auto loans to home mortgages and even student loans. She knows her customers expect fast service and quick loan approval turnaround time. With signNow, Vicky’s customers are able to send and sign loan paperwork anytime, anywhere, even from a mobile device.

Here’s how Vicky accelerated loan approval times with signNow for financial services.

Vicky was able to take static lending forms and convert them into fillable forms with signNow. Not only was loan paperwork fully digitized, but the approval process was automated to help streamline and speed up loan approval. This allowed Vicky to capture and send customer data and consent accurately and quickly. Loans may be complex, but the paperwork experience doesn’t have to be. signNow’s signing guidance and user-friendly interface allows customers to fill out forms as quickly (and stress-free) as possible.

By automating much of the manual process, she not only saves money and time, but she gives employees and customers a better experience. With signNow, she’s able to digitize the loan approval process with automated document workflows and increase productivity with team collaboration.

To wrap it up –

With signNow for Financial Services, you can speed up signature cycles and delight your customers with a great streamlined experience. You can also reduce document errors with signNow’s signing guidance and sign anytime, anywhere. Finally, feel confident your data is safe and secure with signNow’s compliance standards.

No matter what your needs are in Financial Services, get your #ProblemSolvedwithSignNow.