Single scalable workflow solution: what to consider before you begin

Single scalable workflow solution: what to consider before you begin

When businesses start their digital transformation journey, they often begin by solving a simple problem that turns into an integration nightmare. Because businesses iterate on implementing workflows piecemeal, they often find themselves stuck in a type of hostage situation where each part of their workflow is owned by a separate service vendor. You use DocuSign for e-signatures, Conga to generate documents, Salesforce to manage your leads and Box as your cloud storage. You try to integrate them and build an automated workflow solution using services like Zapier or Nintex, but couldn’t foresee the two roadblocks that accompany integration:

It is very expensive. You’ll have to pay for a set of services, custom API integrations and the automation tool itself. Cost estimates will reach into the tens of thousands of dollars just for implementation.
It lacks flexibility and scalability. Every time your workflow changes, you will have to go through the entire configuration process (including API coding) again. So yes, expect to spend thousands whenever your workflow changes.

What to consider when choosing a workflow solution?

Consider these four key points before investing in workflow vendors if you’re planning to automate in the future:

01 How do you plan to on-board your workflow participants?
02 Can you think of other workflows you’d like to implement that could involve e-signing, automation, conditional routing, integrations, web-forms, contract negotiation or document generation?
03 How long will it take you to implement your new workflow or change it?
04 Consider the future needs of your company as its workflow may change or become more complex.

We’ve interviewed hundreds of our clients over the past 10 years with the same questions, here’s the collective cruel wisdom they’ve kindly shared with us:

It’s impossible to predict what your workflow will be tomorrow, but it should be your ambition to digitize and speed up your business in order to achieve growth.

Where does that leave you?

We took all these pain points into consideration when developing airSlate. That’s why we’re happy to introduce a first of its kind workflow solution that gives you the ability to implement simple workflows, or complex workflows, without having to integrate multiple products. What’s the secret? We’re the only company that created a platform from scratch to solve the problem of configuring and implementing business workflows.

Standard features include e-signatures, HTML forms, document generation, contract negotiation tools, analytics, and team workspaces. This means no more budgeting for multiple service vendors or integrations between them because your entire team now collaborates on workflows in a single place.

airSlate is the only service with workflow automation that scales with your business’ growth. The future doesn’t seem so expensive anymore, does it?