Stand out from the crowd: Why selling automation is the best MSP differentiator

Stand out from the crowd: Why selling automation is the best MSP differentiator


Managed service providers (MSPs) can and should find ways to differentiate themselves in a saturated market. With automation transforming various aspects of life and work, MSPs are encouraged to sell automation as a service and leverage low-code/no-code tools like airSlate. 

Businesses in every industry strive to differentiate themselves. They want to stand out from their competitors and convince customers to choose them over others. 

For managed service providers (MSPs), this rings true, especially as this industry becomes more saturated. 

MSPs succeed by providing their customers with cutting-edge technology, expertise, and innovation that leads to optimal efficiency. Innovation is a key here.

The best MSPs differentiate themselves by staying ahead of trends and encouraging their clients to adopt emerging technologies.

For today’s MSPs, innovation lies in the hands of automation.

Why automation is top of mind

New technologies are constantly being introduced to the market and once in a while, certain technologies completely change the way we work and live. 

The industrial revolution of the late 18th and early 19th century is an example of how machinery (i.e., technology) drastically increased production and efficiency. When the internet was made widely available, work was significantly transformed. Today, automation is proving itself as an impactful technology that is here to stay.    

Automation is showing up in all aspects of life, from machine learning to artificial intelligence and robotics. The change is evident all around us, from the way we interact with retailers to the way we pay our bills. 

In the workplace, automation is creating space for employees to shift their focus away from manual, repetitive tasks and towards other revenue-generating, business improvement activities. 

Not only does it free up time and resources, but it also presents opportunities for workers to develop new skills or diversify their experience to be able to adapt to a changing market. 

Instead of fearing how automation might replace humans, all sorts of organizations are considering ways that automation can enhance one’s job and deliver highly favorable results. 

And in the future, automation will continue to be an important part of an organization’s strategy. In fact, 75% of IT teams have reported that they’re increasing their investment in automation

What this tells us is that ignoring automation is no longer an option. Doing so would be detrimental to business growth and would be an almost certain path to failure. 

The time is now to get on board or get out of the game. 

Should MSPs sell automation?

When we think about the relationship between a client and an MSP, we think of a strategic partnership based on trust. MSPs are often viewed as trusted advisors by their clients, and are likely to be in the room when decisions are made. 

An MSP works diligently to ensure that a client’s infrastructure is optimally set up and that their technology stack is working seamlessly behind the scenes. 

As automation weaves its way into conversations more often than not, it is likely that clients will turn to their MSPs for advice. 

MSPs might hear questions like, “Should I invest in automation?”, “How can we best use automation in our day to day?”, “What automation tools do you recommend?”, and “Do I need to be tech-savvy myself to use automation?”. 

Instead of simply being a sounding board, MSPs should take this opportunity to influence the way their clients adopt automation and help them maximize their use of automation tools. 

In addition to it being a logical path for MSPs, it can also be a lucrative one. 

MSPs with repeat clients and recurring revenue tend to be quite profitable and selling automation can open up another path to earning significant revenue. 

Adding automation as a service can be a great way to upsell existing customers and also a means to bring in new customers who may be attracted to that specific technology. 

Start selling automation with airSlate

We know that a barrier to entry for automation is intimidation – many people believe they need sophisticated technical skills to be able to implement automation successfully. That may be one reason that they’re quick to turn to MSPs and their implicit knowledge of technology. 

However, an advantage of the rise in popularity of automation solutions is that many of them are low-code/no-code tools that are less complicated to implement, yet still powerful. 

airSlate is a no-code document workflow automation platform that empowers anyone to create powerful documents and automate their workflows within one single platform. From editing PDFs to creating custom forms and eSigning documents, airSlate is changing the way organizations automate their processes. 

What makes it a great option for MSPs who want to start selling automation is that they are supported every step of the way via the airSlate partner program

Not only do MSPs receive guidance from a dedicated account manager and solution architect as an airSlate partner, but they may also benefit from market development funds to help them get started. 

The average MSP selling automation via airSlate can expect to make tens of thousands of dollars from licensing and services provided per year, even with just one client. Plus, they are helping their clients reap benefits as well. A win-win situation all around.

Discover the revenue-boosting opportunities that come with being an airSlate partner.