NewSchool of Architecture & Design uses airSlate to streamline student enrollment and admissions

airSlate automates workflows for San Diego’s NewSchool of Architecture & Design

airSlate workflows completely transformed the NewSchool of Architecture & Design’s processes for registering and admitting students. Where NewSchool’s Registrar’s Office once had to contend with missing forms and confusing handwriting, airSlate’s automated workflows and required form fields made life easier for students while increasing staff productivity.

Company profile

Located in the design district of downtown San Diego, NewSchool of Architecture & Design is known for its forward-thinking professors, an inspiring campus community, and top industry connections and collaboration opportunities.

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San Diego, CA

The company

NewSchool of Architecture & Design is a globally recognized and awarded design university. NewSchool’s vision is to be a leading provider of architecture, design, and construction management education. The university is focused on improving the quality of life in the built and natural environments on both the local and global scales as informed by nature, supported by research, focused on professional practice, and committed to sustainability.

The challenges of traditional workflows

These traditional methods of processing student applications gave way to a number of complications, one issue was the persistent buildup of hundreds of paper forms. This meant having to hire a part-time employee whose sole responsibility was to scan and file documents.

The biggest challenge came from students not completing forms with the necessary information before turning them in. Allen Mutchler, NewSchool’s Registrar remarks, “This meant that NewSchool’s Registrar’s Office had to either track down the student to determine what they were requesting or try to figure it out some other way. At times, students wouldn’t even put information on their forms that would allow the Registrar’s Office to identify who they were.”

Still doing all this manually?

It’s never too late to automate document routing

The workflows transformation

With the help of the airSlate team, NewSchool was able to determine the business needs of each form and figure out the best way to implement those needs. Mutchler recalls, “We did a soft launch one month prior to launching the product to a larger group. Having static URLs for each form allowed us to make posters to put up around campus with a QR code for each form.” NewSchool students now enjoy greater ease of access to the forms they need and the Registrar’s Office has the ability to track where each form is during the process of being completed.

With airSlate, NewSchool was able to build required rules directly into their forms so that they are forwarded to the correct department for approval and then back to the Registrar’s Office as an email that goes directly into their Customer Management System. Mutchler notes, “These new form rules eliminated any need for having to scan files and upload them into the system manually. We’ve also done away with keeping paper files since the chance of loss of documents is now very minimal.”

These new form rules eliminated any need for having to scan files and upload them into the system manually. We’ve also done away with keeping paper files since the chance of loss of documents is now very minimal.

NewSchool has approximately 500 students and 100 faculty and staff that are using airSlate. Currently, only the Registrar’s Office is using the platform, but they’re in the process of bringing other departments online with airSlate.

Routing and Bots to automate workflows

The feature that NewSchool uses the most is conditional routing or the Send Slate with Roles Bot. “In my department approvals are needed for most transactions. The approver could change based on the program the student is enrolled in, or even the course the student is taking,” says Mutchler. “Because there are several factors determining the approver, we needed the form to be able to tell documents where to go. “This is a feature that we have not been able to identify in any competitor software,” Mutchler notes.

Other airSlate impacts include:

  • Forms are now completely filled out when submitted
  • Faculty no longer has to squint when reading student or staff handwriting
  • Response times are significantly faster
  • NewSchool staff can set up no-code form routing based on student data added to a form’s fields
  • Greater workflow visibility allows faculty to assist with form completion and submission


NewSchool is now able to track forms in airSlate, collect student and faculty signatures, and get notified immediately via email at every step of the approval process.

The change in NewSchool’s workflow has been evident throughout the institution. This initiative has helped NewSchool to continue to enhance the student experience through integrative technology. “Essentially, airSlate is paying for itself with the positive impact it has had on our workflow,” says Mutchler. “Overall we have had a very positive experience with airSlate and are excited to see what new options they will continue to develop.”

Essentially, airSlate is paying for itself with the positive impact it has had on our workflow

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