Announcing the winners of our National eSignature Day “Back to Business” sweepstakes

Announcing the winners of our National eSignature Day “Back to Business” sweepstakes

In honor of National eSignature Day on June 30, we spent the month of July examining how small businesses have adapted to the challenges of COVID-19. We asked them to share their stories of how they managed to conduct their businesses throughout the pandemic – and how an eSignature solution can help them get “Back to Business” once the pandemic is over.

airSlate experienced a record turnout for submissions, demonstrating the popularity and business value of electronic signature solutions. It’s been exciting to hear from small businesses around the country and we’re thrilled to announce the 10 winners of our “Back to Business” sweepstakes. They will receive a free business premium subscription for the company’s award-winning electronic signature solution, signNow, with up to five seats for their employees.

The winners of the contest span several industries including financial services, real estate, healthcare, education, and more. The winners of the “Back to Business” sweepstakes are: Passion Hospice, The Trinity Corporation, Literary Wanderlust, M&L Benefit Solutions, Timberline Enterprises, RYME LLC, United Income Tax Service, Trinity Financial, Santa Clara County Board of Education, and Swamifi Fintech.

How eSignature helps post-pandemic businesses recover, no matter the industry

Here’s what our winners had to say about how eSignature can benefit their small businesses:

“I think [with eSignature] it would be easier to make patients sign their consents.”

— Nicholas Cicciarelli, Passion Hospice

[eSignature] differentiates us from competition, while also helping promote our business …. in one segment.

“Since both our clients and subcontractors are remote, the eSignature solution is essential for signing contracts.” 

— Susan Brooks, Literary Wanderlust

“We do employee benefit enrollments, and [eSignature] would make it a lot easier to take care of those employees who we have to take care of remotely ([whose number] has significantly grown the past year or so).”

— Lisa Humes, M&L Benefit Solutions

“[eSignature] could be very valuable, as I try to ramp up my business again after …. the pandemic that shut my business down.”

— Richard, RYME LLC

“This service makes my company look more professional. Usually, I send out a typed letter and have them [customers] sign it and have to wait for them to send it back, [which is] extremely inefficient.”

— Ryan Neilson, Timberline Enterprises

My customers appreciate the convenience of not having to plan a date and time to visit my office and I feel that I am offering a much safer way to continue to conduct business, for both my clients and myself. It’s a win-win for ALL!

“….until this year, I had no real chance of getting my business off the ground…. I’ll be gathering up documents, processing eSignatures to get permission to find a loan on each client’s behalf, and through your API and cloud based data storage, I think after 2 years, I can finally feel secure in my company’s future!”

— Morgan Hall, Trinity Financial

“We provide educational support services to students with special needs and their families. Throughout the school year, we have many documents that must be signed by parents (annual educational plans, assessment permission forms, emergency forms, health protocol forms, etc)…. The eSignature Business Premium subscription will streamline our paperwork allowing us more time to do what’s important – work with our students!”

— Cindee Barnes, Santa Clara County Board of Education

“We provide credit enhancement services to small (underserved) businesses and we feel that an eSignature solution will streamline our workflows.”

James Leung, Swamifi Fintech

Congratulations to all the participants!