How to sell automation services: Discover airSlate’s no-code playbook for MSPs

How to sell automation services: Discover airSlate’s no-code playbook for MSPs

Managed service providers (MSPs) offer their clients (typically, SMBs) a variety of services related to IT needs. MSPs help clients set up software and hardware that creates a safe, secure, and reliable infrastructure for an optimal and efficient work environment. 

To remain profitable and competitive, MSPs should strive to earn recurring revenue and should continuously innovate the services they are offering. The most successful MSPs are viewed as trusted advisors by their clients and are part of their decision making processes. 

As automation continues to transform the way we work, MSPs need to consider ways in which they will help their clients implement automation technology

In this blog, we will explore the opportunities available to MSPs and how they can leverage the right automation tools. 

Why invest in automation?

In a recent MicKinsey Global Survey, it was revealed that more than 70% of respondents were, at minimum, piloting automation technology.  

This is quite telling.

We’ve reached the phase where there’s no turning back from automation. Companies in all industries are embracing it to make them more agile, improve their efficiency, and reduce their costs. 

As an MSP, SMBs rely on you to help them stay at the forefront of innovation. You want to help them invest in the right technology at the right time and, importantly, have them return to you repeatedly to help them grow and scale their businesses. 

With a growing array of workflow automation solutions available on the market, how can MSPs focus on the right solutions to offer their clients? 

A great place to start is with no code and low code solutions.

These types of applications expect to grow 55% by 2024 and capture $12 billion in revenue, according to Gartner

No code/low code solutions present an exciting opportunity because they make technology accessible to the mid-market and to SMBs in an approachable way, without requiring significant upskilling on the MSPs part. 

What’s in it for MSPs?

Any MSP owner or manager will tell you that business growth and scalability are a top priority. It’s not enough to win new customers and upsell existing ones – MSPs are often looking for ways to expand their businesses. 

Offering automation as a service can benefit MSPs by:

  • Increasing their margins. High margins provide profitability, give MSPs access to more resources, help maintain a financial cushion that keeps MSPs healthy, and allow for MSPs to invest in innovative solutions that set them apart.  
  • Bringing in more revenue. Recurring revenue is critical for MSPs and adding automation as a service opens up another reliable revenue stream.
  • Helping them penetrate the mid-market. Penetrating the mid-market can often require resources that many MSPs do not have access to. Because no-code/low-code automation is budget-friendly and does not rely on being highly tech savvy, it is a great way for MSPs to enter an otherwise challenging market. 
  • Solidifying them as a trusted advisor. Nothing helps an MSP grow their business quite like their reputation. When an MSP is a trusted advisor who helps their clients make decisions every step of the way, not only will they have loyal clients who continue giving the MSP their business, but they’ll tell others about them, too. 

Scaling with airSlate

airSlate is a no-code solution that empowers users to create, build, integrate, and automate entire document workflows. This is a smart automation tool for MSPs to get started with because it offers differentiation and stickiness.

Reselling airSlate to MSP clients can bring in thousands of dollars of additional revenue per client per year. 

The airSlate partner program will help MSPs achieve success along the way and even offers market development funds to MSPs who complete a selection program.

Want to learn more about how MSPs can sell automation – including specific ways clients will benefit and sample scripts when discussing automation with clients?

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